PWD Terri Gadal 2014


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“PWD Perspective” 2014 Contributions from other Persons With Dementia (PWD): Terri Gadal:

Terri Gadal 2014

Cracking (posted 2014-09/29)
They found me crying
alone under the bed
overcome with dying
forgetting things said
my world cracking.


Tumbleweeds (posted 2014-10/02)
Waves of recognition
fall away in the breeze
blowing away yesterday
days beyond recall
are my tumbleweeds
caught on the fence
of fading imagination.


Aging Consequences (posted 2014-11/19)
So much out of reach
just beyond touch
a shattered world
that makes no sense
names of things
fall away, day by day
reason swirls away
round and round
hard to say much
such and effort, speech
life unassembled
forgetting my consequence.


The Christmas Cactus (posted 2014-12/01)

 The Christmas flower is a thing of beauty only when it blooms. The rest of the time it is quite plain looking. It is God’s symbol of love even in the coldest months, when all else has become dormant. The little Christmas flower opens its blossoms as God’s love is always present even in the darkest times.

We need not worry, His love will always shine through and open our hearts to the beauty around us. We learn that there is a time for everything and like the little Christmas flower await our time to bloom. It sits patiently waiting while all the roses and asters, marigolds, lilies, and all the other flowers bloom through spring, summer, and fall.

And just when we think the world a plain thing slowly it opens its buds to the world in profusion and beauty. It is a cactus without thorns or leaves, but on the tip of each flat branch lives hope and wonder. The trees may be bare of leaves, the ground covered with snow.

When other things are bare, it blooms. See, God says, I have not forgotten you. All is well with the world and Christmas is coming. Remember this is a time of birth and beauty. New life and new hope. A time to rejoice and to share your love with others.

A time to give and a time to receive. It is not about how much we give but what we give and the most important of these is love. We don’t need to wrap it in fancy packages or tie it with bows. For as the plain little Christmas cactus its beauty is in how it blossoms.

When we give things of time and care, when we have patience to wait, when we learn to be open and giving, when we learn not to compare but be who we are, God gives us all that we need to grow and to bloom. Dear little Christmas flower thank you for reminding me of all the blessings of today and the abundance of God’s love.


Time’s Hidden Agenda (posted 2014-12/15)
Time’s hidden agenda
to steal my treasures
taken away by dementia
my happiest pleasures
forgotten or dilemmas.


Days Now Done (posted 2014-12/22)
wave goodbye
my dear passing
are days and dreams
faces and names
numb, torn, faded
until they’re all gone
my days now done.


This Passing (posted 2014-12/31)

This passing
without words
now, garbled
no dancing
nor laughing
just gnashing
as worlds
of yesterday
fall away
all gone.

Terri Gadal 2014

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