PWD Janet Pitts May 2015

 Excerpts from my friend Janet Pitts during May 2015

  Janet Pitts (posted Sat May 23, 2015 at 2:12pm)

What a whirlwind trip to Geneva, I can’t believe it came and went so quickly! It was definitely an exciting and worth while trip. I actually had the opportunity to meet with the Ambassador on Human Rights with the United Nations. I was able to describe DAI as an organization and highlighted the need for inclusion in all matters related to us. I proposed that he contact DAI in regards to the need of having persons with dementia on boards and committees. I believe he was actually interested in following through with this. I will be e-mailing him as a follow-up.

My presentation at the conference unfortunately was not videoed nor taped. I was given the opportunity to briefly tell my personal story of pre and post diagnosis. More importantly I was able to give DAI’s history and goals for the present and future. I discussed Individualized Person Centered planning and how it should realistically look with the input of the PWD.

The presentation was very well received by the audience. I believe it truly made a personal impression of the reality that we live with daily and the short comings of the global community in reaching out and providing the necessary services and supports. I also discussed the huge deficit in the funding for those currently diagnosed and the need to scrutinize the spending of funds directed towards dementia.

It was certainly my pleasure to attend and represent PWD. I was the first person diagnosed with any disease to speak at one of the WHO conferences, and I believe the audience reaction will result in many others following in my foot steps.

It is imperative that we continue to reach out and spread our message as far and wide as possible. In speaking with Glenn Rees, I was able to get a commitment that DAI would be notified as they continue to work in middle and low income countries so that DAI can work towards a presence in those much needed areas.

I want to thank each of you who supported me during my trip, having friends, family and colleagues who stand behind you makes anything seem possible.

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