BnP 2b-04: Shoplifting

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“Bits ‘n Pieces of Me: Memoirs to retain identity in the face of growing dementia” — unpublished page 2b-04:

2b-04:  1974 Spring: “Shoplifting”

Traditionally the Junior Class at Corbett High had opportunity to sell products at the school’s Concession Stand during sports events.  Even now, when I hear the term “shoplifting” my memory brings the picture of a Butterfinger bar at that concession stand.

Money was always tight when I was growing up, so it was not always predictable whether I could attend school social/sports events.  We did not get an “allowance” and rarely received money for birthday or holiday, but my parents considered lunch a priority so gave us money for hot lunch one or two weeks out of every month.  My source of snack money was to sometimes skip hot lunch and save the cash.

The first time I helped at the concession stand I hoped we would get a discount for helping, so I picked up a Butterfinger bar and asked how much it cost ME.  I was told that I could take it for free, in return for helping at the Concession Stand.

The next time I helped, I also helped myself to another Butterfinger.  But this time I wasn’t so sure that it was really free.  The candy bar didn’t taste nearly as good with my stomach doing flip-flops from guilt.

That experience set something in concrete; I am not the type of person who can enjoy something that has been gained in a questionably dishonest manner.

For me, it takes all the joy out of the experience

… even for a Butterfinger.

Written 2013 Jul 14 about my life in 1974 Spring.

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