New Normal

By my LBD friend Curry Whisenhunt on May 9 & 20, 2017 (LBD = Lewy Body Dementia):

I had another good day yesterday, but let me say this, my “good days” are nowhere near what my good days used to be, no,

by good days I mean I was able to get outside for a bit, do a little bit of chores without it killing me,


I will never see a real good day again, but I do define those differently now days, I just didn’t want to confuse anyone…….

I did suffer the tensing up bad again last night, but we got through it………

looking to have another “good day” today and finish up some chores😀……

I hope you all have a “good day” today as well…..


By my LBD friend Curry Whisenhunt on May 20, 2017 (LBD = Lewy Body Dementia):

i havent written in quite awhile now, but now its time to do a little bit.
i have found that meds can be a blessing on one hand and a curse on the other hand.

my meds seem to be working goood as far as my hallucinations, and depression go,

they work so good that folks have become complacent with my other symptms,

saying, “thats normal”………. when i talk of my nighterrors,

they are brushed off as “everyone has bad dreams”….


these are more than bad dreams, and if i sleep 5 hours i will have 5 different ones,


bad dreams are totally different than night terrors…..

i find that my confusion and lack of being able to complete some thoughts and sentances are many times brushed aside as normal aging, with the statement “we all do that”. ……. maybe some do, but its not normal for me…….


people think that when i say i’m having a good day, that all is well.

its not,

my good days have a different definition now days as compared to before.


i hear “you cant blame everything on LBD”, well yes i can, all you ever hear me talk about is what i am, here,


i dont have coughs, sore throat or any of that, but i do have trouble swallowing,

i do have the whole body tensing up, which not only hurts but makes it impossible to relax,

i do have eyes that water 24 hours a day,

i do fall now for no reason (twice in 2 weeks now),

i do have confusion,

i have lost the ability to do math,

i no longer watch television, because i cannot keep up with the show,

(i cant concentrate enough to watch a show anymore).


i basically listen to music but i find that this too is starting to slip away as television has done.

as you can tell in my lack of posts, i am also losing the ability to think and concentrate enough to post like i always did before,


i have trouble staying in a conversation anymore, whether it be in person or on facebook.


i’m still walking around in a fog,


i went through a period where i pissed myself many times, never knowing when i did it, never feeling when i did it or afterwards feeling the wetness,

it was always Linda having to point it out and making me aware of it,


i’ve never been afraid of anything especially darkness. but LBD has made me afraid of the dark now,


so no, please dont try to tell me these things are normal, if you want to think they are, then go ahead, but i’m here to tell you they arent for me………


this may seem like a rant, but it is not meant to be one, its simply me saying…… no, it is not normal,


my meds are working in some regards but, just because i dont talk about it does not mean i’m better, or it is not happening.

it simply means its my new normal….


so i ask this question…….. are my meds really working? or am i learning to handle the symptoms better? i really dont know which one it is.


i also want to know if this is all there is to the rest of my life, sitting and just existing? at this rate it wont be long before i am really like some of the other folks i see in nursing homes,

it may be hard for you to believe that, but i can see it coming. so when you get like this, do you still have a purpose or are you just a statistic now, left alone in your own little world to wilt away slowly?

i really do not know. is all this just paranoia in my mind, and i just think people around me have become complacent?


this is really a tough thing to figure out and make sense of,

my long term memory is great, i can remember things back to my junior high days, but yet this afternoon, i may not remember this mornings happenings,

my short term memory suffers alot.


these are some of the things i think about daily……. if you watch, my music will tell you the type of mood im in……. it gets me through the days now, what will i do when it ceases to do that?


whats next in this journey? i dont know, we will wait and see.

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