Viers’ Fudge Recipe

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I believe this is the last year Grammy made fudge with us. You can see the rolls of fudge on the countertop.

Our family fudge recipe comes from my great-great-grandmother Valma Viers (1872-1957) thru her daughter (my great grandma) Leota Spencer to (my grandma) Erma Kilroy.

I am sure this recipe has had a few revisions thru the years. This version is per Donna Kay Frey ( D An D Frey ) on 2006-Dec 23 ((by the way, when I tried “beating” this with my Oster bread-dough hooks because I knew my arm would give out on me, it broke my machine – so just a warning)):

Into cast iron frying pan put 1 cube butter and 1 can evap milk. Add enough water to make 2 cups of liquid. Cook until creamy (~15min at strong boil). Add 5c sugar (and 3-5 Tbsp cocoa?). Bring to hard ball stage then sit pan in snow or on ice until it is cool and hard (probably over 30min). After all heat is gone, add ~1/2 tsp salt and 1 cap vanilla extract. Beat until the color starts turning white (if vanilla fudge), then stop stirring a few minutes. Turn out onto waxed paper then roll into logs.  (Thank you again, Elycia Burnett, for finding the photo)

D An D Frey commented 2013 Dec 16: “if I can find it I have one of her making fudge at my dads when she was 80 and she could still stir it like no one I know can … it was just before Christmas when I was helping Aunt Jackie so she could have a few days off, we had a little slide show so she could tell us how was in the pictures.”

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