Celtic Roots

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March is traditionally the month we are all “a little bit Irish”.

my dna is almost 40% matching dna in Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Welsh dna may come from grandfather, where the Pate/Blount line takes us to rumors of Prince Owain IV of Wales (1353-1416).  But so far these are unsubstantiated rumors.

Family History shows my grandmother’s paternal grandparents (Kilroy/Deignan) came from Ireland during the Potato Famine.  (see blog entry “from Ireland”).  Her maternal side (McNeel/Currie/Douglass/McMillen/McHarg/Shannon/Reid) mostly came from Ireland.  But if we take those generations back to early 1700s, and especially in 1600s, rumor is that Erma’s maternal ancestors were almost exclusively in Scotland.

Unfortunately i have been able to find very little reliable Family History data for our ancestors born in Ireland and Scotland.  Right now i rely mostly on dna, and hoping to eventually find some dna “cousins” in Ireland and Scotland who can help with reliable local sources.


FamHist Index >> https://truthfulkindness.com/about/life-other/family-history-index/

from Ireland >> https://tlkfamhist4freykilroy.wordpress.com/2016/03/18/dan-kilroy-n-mary-deignan-from-ireland/

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