Too Many Choices

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Hello everyone..

Dementia is a effing theif!

It thieves tiny little parts that you think won’t really matter, but they do!

Last night I began to prepare our grandsons clothes for Kindy today, as I always did for my children the night before..

So, I began to look into his overnight bag, pulled a couple of pieces of clothes out, then began to stare at them. I literally didn’t know what to do with them because I couldn’t choose what he could wear!..

It was so bloody ridiculous and I told myself so!, I tried again, but I became more confused and just COULDN’T organise the clothes so, I gave up and asked my husband Tom, to do it!

How bloody stupid, (I was thinking) anyway, I spoke to Emma about it and she answered as cool as a cucumber, …

‘of course Mum, if there’s more than 2 items of anything, you’re not going to know what to do’

well, that helped me remember that the ‘planning’ part of my brain is practically dead as a door nail which is why I can no longer cook or even know what I want to eat..

But, it was still like an insult to my ‘motherhood’ one of the simplest tasks, I can no longer manage..

This disease is taking little pieces of who I am and what I can do, away..

I’m kinda grateful that I can still understand what is happening, but I almost didn’t until Emma reminded me and then my other daughter Sarah, today explained again..

The dementia brain, or my journey with it, seems to make me believe what it tells me because there’s no memory of ever having done something, so I’m stuck and in this case, looking at clothes wondering why I can’t sort them and part of that reason is because, I couldn’t reason while I was ‘lost’..

I know, one day, I’m going to be well and truly lost in my own world by what I’ve been experiencing this past week
and there’s nothing I can do about it..

I really am surprised (don’t know if that word is right) how ‘blind’ dementia can make me, even though I can see with my eyes but, believe me, there are some things I just don’t see anymore ..

Not being able to work out the simplest things is very much like a different kind of blindness because my brain can no longer show me a clear path ahead..

Not enjoying the foods I used to crave and love, is like a blindness, like I never saw them to crave them, they never existed because I no longer have the same taste for them..

So much of my life is like this now, but thank goodness, I know how to smile at the right times etc, etc…

I’m not even sad when I write these posts, it just ‘is’ and, I prefer that rather than suffering or worrying..


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