2015 Jan 25: Comment response for Chris Mann’s video “Remember Me”

2015 Jan 25

PWD Truthful Kindness left this response to one of the people leaving comments at website this morning:
“” I do not mean to sound inconsiderate, but please do not say we “disappear”; we ALL change. You will change also, Nancy. Almost certainly not to the extent that I as a 54year old dementia patient will change. But aspects of your personality, abilities and interests will change. The change in my 2-yr-old grandson will probably come much closer to my expected change in my next years. But he does not disappear — he changes. Terminology can be very important and terms like “disappear”, “gone”, and “vacant” contribute to the perception that no Person exists any longer; only a shell. That is often a theory, but far from a proven theory, and contributes to the thought that we should suicide while we still have the ability, in order to prevent unneeded financial & energy drain on our loved ones. If we are not “there” then suicide only makes sense. In contrast, then if we are present, you are motivated to continue looking for those moments when our “person” peeks from behind the curtain of disease, … & sparkles. But if you are not looking … you will miss the moment. Please look for us. 😀 — Tru “”

I left this comment in response to one of the people who left a message at Chris Mann’s song video of “Remember Me”, along with a personal comment of THANKS to Chris Mann, dancer & Choreographer at


Update: Jan 28, 2015 discovered that “Nancy”s comment on the Chris Mann song video has been removed.

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