PWD Zel Caddey June 2015

Ann Caddey, Zel’s daughter, tells me that Zel turns 89 years old on June 17, 2015.

Her “Mind to Hand” exhibition was hosted by Curve Gallery & Studios the first week of March in 2015. On their FaceBook events page they state (font emphasis added by me):  Working from a sunlit studio space just outside her room at Fronditha Aged Care in Mayfield, Zel has been literally bitten by the art bug! During the progress of Dementia she remains a committed artist, and very determined to create images every day. Zel has developed a distinct style which is narrative, colourful, instinctive and joyful. She takes huge risks with her artistic practice, is strongly focussed, and has an instinctive drawing skill that flows directly from her mind to her hand.   Having lost her ability to communicate verbally, she now shows us how her life is still full of joy and can be celebrated through her artwork. Zel creates artworks relating to her world of friends, places, family, memories and smiling faces. (font emphasis added by me)

My blog page where I have gathered pages with her projects is at

Curve Gallery page for this event is at  An article from March 2, 2015 is, and another from May 5, 2015 is here >> .

Zel’s more recent projects are shared by daughter Ann, and found below:

May 18, 2015 “The Circus Ring”  …  …  … and  …  …  … “Concentrating” May 26, 2015

 616 ZelCaddey Blog20150615a 5in125ppi
June 4, 2015 “Zel’s drawing of proteas -stolen from the Italians table today but put back before they realized. 30 minute drawing … with interruptions, afternoon tea” …

and June 13, 2015 “heart shaped leaves with portrait and sea animal.”

… and then …

616 ZelCaddey Blog20150615b 3in200ppi

and in last half of month:

June 22 and June 23:

616 ZelCaddey Blog20150628a 2in300ppi

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