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UPDATE: No longer able to do tasks necessary for publishing newsletter, but Dementia Symptom Perspectives has FaceBook page where i daily post a project from person living with dementia.  Preparing an additional “Top Recommended” Listing, but below is 2015 Listing.  Someday i will get this entire List up-dated, but with my schedule will probably be quite a while.  “2018 Top Recommended” here >>

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2018 UPDATE:  As always, our individual dementia symptoms progress.  Some of these folks have died, others have lost abilities to continue writing and publishing blog entries.  Below are some of the blog sites that are new or changed address. changes are also alpha-order.

Bobby at >>

Carol Fordyce at >>

Cheryl Stevenson >>

Dallas Dixon >>

Donna McKay O’Connor >>

Gill’s blog is now at >>

Howard Gordon >>

Jarem Sawatsky >>

Jeff Borghoff now has Vlog at >>

Ken now moved to >>

Lisa Hollan >>

Liz Cunningham >>

Lupe Picazo >>

Marc Glasby >>

Mark Timmons >>

Maureen Matthews >>

Minna Packer >>

Norrms now moved to >>

Pam Montana >>

Peter Berry’s vlog >>

Randy Mink >>

Rick Phelps’ site is now members-only.

Shelagh Robinson now has a blog at >>

Susan Parish >>

Tracey Lind at >>


PWD Links below were reviewed for current status on Oct 1, 2015

PWD Updated website
Agnes Houston 2015-09-16
Alan Bellchambers 2015-07-24
Alice Sands 2015-09-09
Alz Assoc Early-Stage 2015-05-21
Alz Org Voices of Alz 2015-06-26
Alexandra Boothby 2015-07-13
Anne MacDonald 2015-09-29
Archie Latta 2015-08-26
Barry Pankhurst 2015-09-27  AND–NDZUmyfEkKzMwJ8qw
Bob O’Donnell 2015-08-20
Brian LeBlanc 2015-08-17 AND
Cecil Ristow 2015-08-23
Chris Forse 2015-08-06
Chris Roberts 2015-05-18
 Christine Bryden rarely
Cindy Odell 2015-09-30
Daryl Lees 2015-09-27
David Hilfiker, Dr 2015-09-19
David Kramer, Dr 2015-09-26
Dementia Alliance International Blog 2015-09-30
Dementia Mentors’ videos 2015-09-16
Faith Riverstone 2015-09-28
Gary Bricker 2014-07-17
George Huba PhD 2015-09-25
George Rook 2015-09-21
Gill HS Green 2015-09-28
Gina Shaw 2015-09-30
Greg O’Brien 2015-09-21 EITHER  OR  OR
Hal Tumbleson 2014-12-26
 Harry Urban 2015-07-31
Helga Rohra 2015-10-05
 Howard Glick 2015-10-11
James Tomlinson 2015-07-31
Jennifer Bute rarely
Jo Bennett 2015-09-30
Joe Potocny 2015-09-09
John Quinn 2015-09-28
John Sandblom 2014-09-05
John Williams 2015-08-26
 Kate Swaffer 2015-09-30
Kathy Dunning 2015-06-30
Keith Oliver 2015-08-26
 Ken Clasper 2015-09-30
Kevin E. Smiley 2014-05-02
Kris Bakowski 2015-08-19
Lee Cerny 2015-03-27
Laurie Scherrer 2015-09-22
MAREP Partners 2015-08-30
Melanie Wagner 2015-07-15
Melvyn Brooks 2015-09-29
Michael Ellenbogen 2015-09-11
Mick Carmody 2015-09-28
Myrna Norman undated
 Norman Mc Namara 2015-09-30 BOTH written at >> << & video >>
Paul Hitchmough 2015-09-10
Phillip Watmough 2015-09-01
 Rick Phelps 2015-09-23  AND
Robert Bowles 2015-08-10
 Robert Wright 2015-08-27
Russell Scott 2015-08-01
Sal (FTD Picks Me) 2015-09-02
Silverfox 2015-09-27
Susan w FTD 2014-03-04
Terri Gadal from archives; sent PM/ 20151022
Tommy Dunne 2015-09-16
Tony Hogben 2015-03-07
Truthful Kindness 2015-09-22
Us Against Alzheimers PWD 2015-04-07
Valerie Blumenthal 2015-04-28
Vicki Wells Bedard 2015-08-03
Wendy 7713 2015-09-30
Zel Caddey 2015-09-30

Priority Resources that rarely change (in contrast to idea of “blog” which is constantly being added):  By Us For Us (Series available to read free online as “accessible version” lower on the page) ; Christine Bryden’s webspace at ; Dr Jennifer Bute has excellent resources at ;


* Admin issues: SHARE dementia awareness thru buttons below. If interested in receiving notice of future blog postings there is a “follow” button in the upper left corner (MS Explorer) or lower right (Safari and Chrome). Feel free to leave your thoughts in the form of comments, but please filter your comments with truthful loving kindness to all concerned. If there is an advertisement below, I have no control over what is shown. — Copyright by Truthful Kindness on 2015-08/07 Registered & Protected


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