1988 Nov Closed

819BMPB 1988 Nov Closed Pic 4in125ppi

Spencer took this photo; it looks out of our living room window  onto the Kimbley home.

…   ***   …   ***   …

John Kimbley grew up across the street in our rural town.
He was my brother’s best friend, and as a teen I was his babysitter.
John became pretty much a member of our family and
when he was old enough we even added him to our vehicle insurance policy.

After my brother was shot and killed, John became even more important to us;
he was a living connection to Spencer.
After Dad died, my Mom remarried and moved to the eastern states.
After he finished his military time, John moved back into the house across the street.
As my only local “family” member, he became my major emotional support.

One night I had a very “real” dream; I dreamed John died
and my brother was angry at me because I had not talked to John about
his relationship with our Creator.

So …

I was sitting at the table with my skirt tucked around my legs and knees propped up.
He had come for coffee — as usual. But today was different.
I had earlier decided to finally broach the subject he seemed to dread; G0d.
Any time our conversations came close to the subject of G0d he always froze.
His muscles would tense and shout, “No!”
Until now, I had honored his silent request, but no more.
I took a deep breath and spoke:

“John, we can talk about anything, right?
We have spoken of even the most private aspects of our lives — but not G0d.
We need to talk.”

And I waited.

His face took on a hard, closed look and he replied,
“Bindy, I don’t want to talk about it.

That is a CLOSED subject!”
1988 November

He died 3months later at age 25.
I cried and cried … and cried   …  …

…   ***   …   ***   …

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