Verbal Comprehension Strategies Part 3

Tru here.

A fully-understood conversation means i grasp the important parts AND the other person is comfortable that they got their point across.
The outline below seems to help ME … at least at this stage .

—  ***  —

Last year i posted >> .
My challenges with verbal comprehension have continued and intensified.

… So husband and i have some current coping strategies, but we are definitely hoping more strategies will show up soon.

1) As discussed in Part 1, conversation needs to be: a) slow, b) clearly enunciated, and c) within sight, while d) watching for body language.  Also e) eliminate as much distraction as possible .
These strategies are covered in more detail here >> .

2) Longer PAUSE between sentences, and eliminating any un-necessary phrases, are two strategies becoming even more crucial.  Remember i am most likely to understand first bit of statement and last bit of statement, so including much in the middle is counter-productive;
it clouds my understanding of the subject and verb. Example at .

3) Try to make your first sentence a very short “subject” sentence.  This is similar to the “subject” heading in eMail format, and tells me where to find context for your words in my brain storage.  WAIT for any clarifying statements, until i have fully-registered your primary statement.  Otherwise i am still trying to register your statement, at the same time as i am trying to figure out how your words modifies that statement,
… so ALL of it is lost.

4) Sometimes a simple note or picture can make the topic much clearer.  Best-case scenario is BOTH note and short conversation.
Using more than one sensory system in conversation is almost always a helpful thing.
While telling me he was leaving, husband handed me this note: “Taco Bell for lunch with grandson … then taking grandson home.  i will return by 4:30”.  i had audio, visual, and textural input because i also had a note in my hand.  Plus … In a few minutes, when i have forgotten where he went, hopefully i will see the note.

5) Graphics almost always help.  We have discovered that Potential for future misunderstandings is almost always minimized by including pictures, maps, etc.  We were in the car and husband asked about upstairs wainscoting (lower-wall-coverings).  In less than a minute we decided the topic needed to wait until we were in the location, with paper and pencil.  Then we can both better understand each other, and there will be pieces contributed by both of us … and verified by looking at the paper.  When i feel that changes were made without my input … the paper shows my input.  We both initial the paper and file in construction folder.
Sometimes he will have me initial calendar items, which are then posted on fridge door.
It has taken a while to adjust to this process, but i think it is much better for our family dynamics
… at THIS particular stage of decline.
.     (In Later stages, i imagine this process could create more problems than it would solve.)

As Listed above,
Part 1 was initial suggestions
>> ;

Part 2 was intensification of symptoms
>> ;

…  this is Part 3

Part 4 at ;

. .

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7 thoughts on “Verbal Comprehension Strategies Part 3

  1. Thank you for sharing this Tru. I sometimes realize that I am not completely following the conversations around me. This is disconcerting for me, and I am sure for those around me. Thank you for sharing the coping strategies that you have evolved over time.

    On Tue, Oct 22, 2019, 9:31 AM Truthful Loving Kindness wrote:

    > truthfulkindness posted: “Tru here. A fully-understood conversation means > i grasp the important parts AND the other person is comfortable that they > got their point across. The outline below seems to help ME. — *** — > Last year i posted >> https://truthfulkind” >

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