Autumn with Dementia Mentors

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i feel priveleged to be part of the Dementia Mentors’ projects, and helping as Assistant Administrator.

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Lots going on in our Dementia Mentors projects Lately;
We have a new group gathering during the week,
new personalized Mentor teams in the works,
new videos from several members,

… and also considering ideas for a Dementia Mentors’ COOKING booklet.

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NEW MEETING for Memory Café:

We have had several members ask for an additional Memory Café meeting.
Having an addition Café meeting time allows us to keep our groups personal and cozy.
We now have at least 7 gatherings for Persons with Dementia every week,
and an average of 33 meetings per month.

Wonderful to visit with my friends — in our Living Rooms, or kitchen,
… or with Laptop in back yard, LOL.

Please join us if you have the chance.
If you send me a message i can add you to the FaceBook notification list;
this way you will not miss a single smile, laugh, or tear.

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We try to avoid having a Memory Café group chat turn into individual mentoring.
(One-on-one mentoring is the option for a member to speak longer time periods,
without needing to worry about sharing the time with everyone else,
because it is usually only 2 people.)

In general,
individual mentoring is also the appropriate option for more intensely personal topics
like some of the sex or hygiene questions.
Sometimes these questions can still be appropriate in a very-small group,
but few of our groups are small now.
We range from 5 members … to over a dozen members in group chat at any one time.

Individual Mentoring is an ideal opportunity to begin processing the grief and super-high emotions
that almost always accompany a dementia diagnosis.
Grief is a process,
and so is the learning curve for finding strategies to live happily in everyday life AFTER diagnosis
… and adjusting to the continually-changing “new-normal” of our life NOW.

—  ***  —

Dementia Mentors’ VIDEOS:

Elmarie Janse van Rensburg of South Africa gives us helpful tips on staying alone for short periods of time when living with dementia, at .

Tim Perkins talks about dealing with apathy after diagnosis with dementia, at .

Anne Miller talks about how certain things she has found help her … and playing music is one. .

Our Video Archive is here .

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COOKING Booklet:

We are thinking of basic COOKING suggestions (hope to include some from the wonderful Barry Pankhurst), plus specific recipes used by our members.  So far we have volunteers for: Egg tortilla, 3-ingredient Muffins, Special Spicy Sauce, Snickerdoodles, Cobbler, BourbonBalls, and Home-Made Eggnog.   Heads-up to look for this … hoping by the end of 2019, but no promises.

—  ***  —

i feel priveleged to be part of the Dementia Mentors’ projects, and helping as Assistant Administrator.

—  ***  —

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