Technology Changes

.Tru here.

(insert graphic for FaceBook)

Two weeks ago FaceBook enforced format change, and i became unable to use the social network (until i found a provider with work-around allowing Classic format once again). This has also been review by both CNet and PCWorld (altho i have lost those Links now). With F.B.Purity, i again have access to my dementia friends who use FaceBook.

(insert graphic for “Zoom” for people with dementia)

Zoom enforced format change last Sunday, and it is causing panic and confusion amongst those of us with dementia symptoms.

(insert graphic for feather pen in bottle of ink)

Then last night WordPress forced change in editing format, so writing in my blog has become a brand-new project.

(insert graphic with angry face). uggggh !!!

These new and “improved” technological changes are extremely hard for folks who have lost the ability to mentally “erase” and “re-write” !!!

(insert graphic for Link to my entry on “erase and re-Write”) ((with single “enter” button in html format for new line)) available at .

… and today i spent WAY too long trying to figure out how i can add a simple picture in my blog !!! This is SO very frustrating, and FAR from dementia-friendly !!! i click all the little icon pictures, then forget which ones i have clicked, so click-again , and again, and again. i wrote to the help desk, and they were no “help” whatsoever.

When i analyzed providers for blog space as a person with decreasing abilities, WordPress was clearly the best in 2014, but WordPress is failing with their new and “improved” version, that is for sure !

growl-snarl ! i may not write blog entries very much any more, at this rate.

Okay. Finally found something that gave me ability to insert a single picture from my media file, for top of my blog entry. … But now i forgot how i did it. When i figure out how i did it, i will write the steps here: (Update 12Oct2020).

  1. “plus sign” + in upper left corner, (not the icons that show when you move your cursor).
  2. scroll to about the middle of “media” section.
  3. Select “image”, then when the new window comes up, center option is “Select image”
  4. Click “media Library”, click the picture wanted, then click “select in lower right corner.
  5. This will add picture in your screen, and you need to re-size with drag technique (because there is no pre-size selection process)


Now to figure out how to switch to html view, so that i can go to next line without adding a double-row paragraph. If/when i figure that out, i will write the steps here for single line break. Also, Last week i collected a bunch of html pieces for embedding graphics without using my precious media allowance … but until i can LEARN and RETAIN these new techniques then those hours were wasted (because i dont have a tab to change to html-format). Growl-snarl !!!

  1. Three dots in the top right corner of window give options.
  2. Second category is “Editor”, and “Code editor” is second choice within that category (or you can maybe REMEMBER the keystrokes …………………..Cntrl-Shift-Alt-M.
  3. While in html format, add “<br>” where single line-break is wanted.


UPDATE 12Oct2020 … Dont remember how i got here, but i am now in html. i see blue text near top of screen that says “Exit code editor” . Obviously that is how to get out.

Summarizing, Until now, i could help others with dementia, and i felt WordPress fell a bit short of “dementia-friendly”, but considering tools for “tags” and social networking, i felt WordPress was one of the best choices. (insert single line-break with html).
Now i can no longer say that. (insert single line-break with html).
WordPress is now very VERY far from dementia-friendly. There must be other choices that do not require this much remembering of what the little icons mean, and complicated processes for simple things.


i strongly suspect that i will not be able to continue this blog in the same weekly manner, and sharing from other folks with dementia also became much more complicated.

Will keep trying for a while, but change is inevitable in technology, and also change is inevitable in brains that are in process of decay. Those two aspects of “change” dont work well together.

(insert graphic of heart)

Going to try copy/paste for calendaring portion of blog entry, but it may be gobble-dee-gook without pasting it in html. YaY !!! At least i have THOSE graphics ((smile face)).

—  ***  —

UPDATE: Now able to add graphics and single line-breaks in html. Someday i will try to learn the technique to “embed”, but i am maxed for now.


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Calendars will eventually be removed to prevent over-Loading the upLoad limit for website “Media Library”, because they actually take quite a bit of mb.


Disclaimer that i misunderstand things and make mistakes too, so there might be mistakes in Calendar.
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