Text Format – My Dementia Style

Tru here.

Lately i have been able to mostly edit my own work.
If you have followed my blog, then you know this is a great challenge for me, because i often do not understand what i am writing, even during the writing process.

See >> https://truthfulkindness.com/2014/07/26/my-new-normal/

This is my strategy.

if in longer paragraphs, or with longer sentences, then i cannot understand what i write.

But if i read aloud,
cut into short paragraphs,
with most sentences beginning on a new line
(or even phrases)
then i can understand it better.

i regularly put multiple exclamation points, question marks, etc.  They seem to reflect my feelings better, (and that’s the point, RIGHT ??)
i also leave a space between any words and those … whatever you call gramatical marks.
When gramatical marks are too close to words then i cannot easily identify the word.

i often capitalize “L” when it is at the beginning of a word.
Husband theorizes that my eye wants to see lower case L as an I, and i can guess word from context if i have enough of the beginning and ending letters.

All of these format changes can technically be seen as errors,
but i do them anyway because it makes it easier for ME to understand, when i read what i have written.
Do these format changes make understanding more difficult, or easier for my friends with dementia ??

It is just as important for ME to be able to understand what i write, as for others to read it,
because otherwise i do not know whether the words accurately reflect my thoughts.

(Thanks, Dallas Dixon, for your Jan21 question which was the trigger for beginning this blog entry)



If you would like to better understand, check my earlier entry here >> https://truthfulkindness.com/2014/07/26/my-new-normal/


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16 thoughts on “Text Format – My Dementia Style

  1. Hi Tru; Regardless of your evolving style of writing, I never cease to find your thoughts and impressions insightful, helpful and meaningful. Carry on, dear lady, you and your writings are always greatly appreciated. Your style of writing reflects your caring intent with eloquent clarity. Much love, Ellie

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  2. hi tru
    the very important thing is that you are still writing !! regardless of what you now have to do. This helps me as I write code and am getting slower to understand but the important thing is that I am still doing.

    this is helpful to me.


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