Adaptations for Dressing

Tru here on clothing.

At current stage, these adaptations work for my clothing needs:

Heart symbols on inside top back of most all clothing including underwear (but not socks or turtlenecks) in order to orient where the piece of clothing belongs on my body.  Turtlenecks have a piece of yarn or ribbon inside back of neck, so they can be hung on a hook.

Underwear and socks always the same color and brand, minimizing frustration with finding matching socks, and routine is always the same for dressing.  Background for writing date on underwear is here >>

Leave wardrobe doors open, reminding me that I have clothes behind the doors.  Leave drawers open on graduated basis for the same reason.  This helps tremendously when setting out my clothes for the next day.

Clothes set out the night before, (draped over the pink tray on my walker).  sometimes need assistance for which turtleneck (and possible overshirt) would be appropriate given schedule and weather forecast.

With few exceptions of travel in warmer locations, I only wear two kinds of tops; winter or summer turtleneck – often purple.  sometimes with some kind of button-up vest, overshirt, sweater, or jacket .  This keeps me in the routine. Tomorrow participating in recorded video chat for teaching purposes, so wearing purple turtleneck with flannel over-shirt.

For normal schedule, pants are all the same brand & item #; black jeans made by Lee, with elastic waistband.  This only varies if i am traveling for family or speaking engagement.  Unless special occasion i wear one of two pair of shoes.  One pair is Mondays Wednesdays & Fridays … but the other pair is same brand, same model, just black instead of purple elastic ties.  Those i wear on alternate days.  So look at my cell phone to identify the day of the week and that is solved.

My clothing variety is anything worn over my turtleneck, and what i wear on my head.  Often there is nothing worn over my turtleneck, and only a snood on my head.  But i avoid time with a mirror, (looking at myself is uncomfortable because i dont remember getting older) and it doesn’t matter to my husband.   i try to use a little more variety on the week-ends, when he spends more time at home.

Currently searching for extended “collar” patterns that are easily changed several times a day, since i seem to have a hole in my lip, LOL.  Will share those later.

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