Bib-Collar as Strategy

Tru here.

It is that time again; during fall, winter, and spring you will often see me wearing a crochet collar.
These have two purposes;
1) Bib to prevent staining of my shirt, and
2) a little bit of warmth on shoulders and chest.

My depth perception and distance calculations are distorted.
It seems lately i must have a “hole in my lip”, thru which foods, drinks, and my prescriptions fall.  This creates stains on my clothing almost every time i eat, so i have been working on some strategies.
… A] Eating more “finger foods”.
… B] use fork more often than a spoon now, so that i can “stab” the food.
… C] use insulated mug with lid that does not leak.
… D] For prescriptions, dog now watches when i take meds, to show me where it dropped ((without dog eating the pill — PLEASE see the training Link attached)).
… E] i made some bib-collars that have replaceable inserts over the area where food is most frequently dropped.


…  .  … These collars are crochet
(altho i have been trying to figure out design for bib-collars in fabric for warm weather).

I crochet a circle large enough to BARELY go around my head (because it will stretch length).
Then i simply add rows of whatever stitches feel good, until i cover the top part of my chest — where i drip food and drinks.

i have several black triangle-shaped crochet pieces, which are replaceable inserts for center of necklace-collar.  ((i connect them with tiny hair “octopus” clips, so they are easily changed.))
Black is my most frequent color of shirt and pant, because blacks are most easy to closely match each other, without off-shades producing a “clashing” color.  So right now almost all my inserts are black to match my shirts.  — then color is added with bib-collar and accessories.
Right now i have collars in 5 colors, along with the multi-color collar i made to start with.

That is current strategy for ME
… what do YOU do to compensate for this problem?

((One suggestion was simply “wear tie-dye”.  LOL)).

This was my first collar — before i thought of making replaceable insert.




Adaptations for Dressing at .

SrvDog Trng for “Pill Watch” task at .


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6 thoughts on “Bib-Collar as Strategy

  1. Dear madam, I found your blog while researching dementia for my personal knowledge and I find it very touching. I am only in my 20s but I feel a deep sympathy towards those afflicted by it. It is good to see that you are doing well.

    I wish you all the best and I hope a few kind words make your day a little brighter. Best wishes

    Liked by 1 person

    • what thoughtful words; THANK you John. When you are aware, you will notice many people who appear to have some dementia symptoms, and that knowledge can help YOU continue relationship with those persons. Many of us began noticing symptoms in our 40s — and some even in 30s, so don’t let age be much of a factor. Alzheimers is the type of dementia that is really prevalent with age, the other types can be quite “early”. In fact there are some CHILDREN with alzheimers. — Tru


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