Book Revw “Dementia from the Inside”


Insightful Book with “Inside Perspective”;

Tru here.  I think “Dementia from the Inside” , written by Dr Jennifer Bute (with Louise Morse) is helpful for anyone open to Christian perspective who is involved in any way with Persons with Dementia.

Like many others who are now experiencing dementia symptoms, I wish that I could have had this “inside perspective” of more deeply understanding dementia symptoms, much much earlier.  For me, understanding better could have enriched my relationships with two grandmothers who had dementia.  Together we could have extended the time of verbal communication, as well as assisting with non-verbal communication.

That is a big part of why I write a blog, and here is an excellent BOOK to assist others in those relationships.  An added impetus, for me, is better understanding a wonderful mentor for myself, Jennifer Bute.  Looking forward to our next video chat, my friend.  – Truthful Kindness.

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Tru here.  I bought paperback version of this book thru publisher, then kindle version thru Amazon.  Took a while to read it thru, but the book is broken into smaller sections, and i used Kindle tools to make it easier for me.  Very VERY glad i invested funds, time and energy in this book.  It is a treasure.


Perspective is key issue for how any person deals with dementia symptoms or diagnosis, so Jennifer begins her book with her own perspective; largely SPIRITUAL perspective.

We have not spoken of it much (or i have fogotten), but discovered both Jennifer and i have the unusual theory that as cognition becomes more limited, the person with dementia often becomes more aware of the spiritual realms of life.  in this book, Jennifer speculates that this may happen because inhibitions or social assumptions are removed.

From the outset, we both saw our own cognitive decline as a gift from Creator.  I wrote about it in 2012 >> , and Jennifer mentions, “How we walk with God, our heart attitude, is what matters, not what we do for Him.  My heart said, ‘Well Lord, here I am with Alzheimer’s: I accept this as an unexpected gift from you, an opportunity to understand dementia from the inside’.”

MeltDown is always difficult experience for both person living with dementia and those around that person during the event. Jennifer says, “There is always a reason why people with dementia have ‘meltdowns’.  It could be sensory overload, tiredness or simply things becoming too much.  Being in hospital is top of the list: it ticks all the boxes.”  After listing seven situations that can precipitate her own meltdown, Jennifer says, “The meltdown behaviour of other people with dementia reflects how they were when they were little … whatever the behaviour, it reflects the vulnerability of a child.”

“If I’m confused, reassure me, but don’t overwhelm me with words — show me what I should do.” — Dr Jennifer Bute in “Dementia from the Inside”.

Enabling Speech is one of my favorite sections of this book, where Jennifer says, “I have found there are five main ways of helping those in the later stages of dementia to talk, when others assume they no longer can — it is such a joy!  The key words here are music, singing, laughter, and parallel and convergent speech.” … and she goes on to describe the techniques.

Some other jewel-quotes from Jennifer’s book are:

“Each new difficulty is an opportunity to find new coping mechinisms.”

“If I don’t recognize you, please remind me who you are, and in what context I know you, and if necessary give me additional clues”

“If I look lost or bewildered, I probably am.  Please help me … ”

“We pick up your mood, whether you are calm or agitated. (This is known as mirroring.)”

… and three Principles:
“1 There is always a reason why a person is behaving in a particular way.
2 When facts are forgotten, feelings remain.
3 Familiar patterns of behaviour continue.  Knowing these principles can help explain puzzling behaviour and improve communications.”


This book clearly shows that there can be meaningful, joyful life WITH dementia, and gives suggestions of how to either live that life, or assist others in living that life.  Wise investment of funds, time, and energy.

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