TLK Strategies 2017Speech Spiritual

This is transcript and video Link for second of four quadrants from my speech.


My Spiritual Journey in Context of Dementia Symptoms

My spiritual perspectives have changed dramatically in past ten years, but memories of WHY I myself made those changes are growing dim. Why do I no longer celebrate the special days that my loved ones celebrate? … Soon I suspect you will again find me enjoying those activities, because my theological understanding is going backward in time, as well as all my other memories.

My philosophy on Personhood and Dementia … Person Personality Perspective

In my definitions, dementia does not have ability to change the “person”, but can highly influence the “perspective” and perceived “personality”, due to brain systems of energy, transportation, and storage, along with loss of context in ALL categories of life, and the influence on mental health issues like hallucinations, and delusions. Sadly, I think loss of relationships is another frequent cause of personality change in dementia, especially if patient is repeatedly refreshed on the death of loved ones who are not yet dead in the patient’s “perceived reality” (in contrast to “consensus reality” where everyone else lives).

Hold My Hand ‘n Anchor Me

Now that I have experienced the fragmenting effects of dementia symptoms for myself, I have discovered the GROUNDING and steadying effect from physical touch in that unsteady, fragile, edge-of-the-cliff world. I very much wish I had known this when my maternal grandmothers were walking this path. … (prose attached)

Desperate with Dementia

Tru here. I have a couple dementia friends feeling desperately helpless, desperately scared, and unwilling to impose this life onto their loved ones who are willing to be their “care-givers”.  Maybe you are feeling desperate too.  Some have said they rely on my positive “sunshine” and I have a message to you: My “sunshine” is […]


I don’t know how dementia can be a blessing, but I believe that for ME it is. I have done enough research on it that I understand it is not a purely enjoyable condition, but I know the giver. … Yes; somehow this condition is not a condemnation but a gift. And I anticipate the blessings it will give my life, as well as the cost.

I am from Truthful Loving Kindness

Tru here.  ((From birth to 50 years old, life prepared Belinda to live well with dementia diagnosis.)) I am from Truthful Loving Kindness … from the snug haven of a home created with the anchor of G-d’s truth and the rose of parental love,  inside a greater world of uncertainty, pain, and illusion. I am from the look […]