Path thru Loss and Grief … to Choices and Dementia Advocacy

… I choose to focus on life’s blessings (and the blessing in opportunity of advocacy). But in order to do that I must pass THRU and endure the grief. Both are an important part of the complete process for keeping my life in a larger perspective.


New Poster for Dementia Mentors

“Since I learned from those who sent before me and led the way,
I do not dread what is to come.
This is not a NEW path, even though it is unfamiliar to me.
Like those before me, I will travel this path with honor and integrity,
lighting the path for those who follow
— until a cure is found.” — TLK (me)

Desperate with Dementia

Tru here. I have a couple dementia friends feeling desperately helpless, desperately scared, and unwilling to impose this life onto their loved ones who are willing to be their “care-givers”.  Maybe you are feeling desperate too.  Some have said they rely on my positive “sunshine” and I have a message to you: My “sunshine” is […]