Melancholy Day

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Losing every enjoyed activity –
in excruciating increments.

Tru here.  I realize this is just beginning stages and no sense in wasting too much time for focus of loss.
But also important to recognize loss, and endure the grief process, in order to best appreciate the time remaining.
Today has been one of those days.  Began with everything going wrong.
— Can’t even dump my food scraps into trash without making a mess on floor.  Three different messes in 15 minutes!

Losing every enjoyed activity and losing memory of every loved one – in excruciating increments.

When waking, I look at person in bed beside me and he is unfamiliar.
I don’t remember what my husband looks like, but I am certain I do not know this man in bed with me.
My husband is always careful to speak as soon as he wakes tho, because his voice makes everything “click”,
and then I know it is him.

In excruciating increments I am losing … YOU.
Moment by moment, day by day, and piece by piece I am losing Life.

So I need to make the most of each day,
… and make the most of each moment
… with you.
(photo by daughter Christine Sanchez, taken from our upstairs window last night)

Quote: “I greet you from the other side of sorrow and despair
with a love so vast and shattered it will reach you everywhere.”
–Leonard Cohen

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10 thoughts on “Melancholy Day

  1. Your bravery is inspiring. Your are facing the facts rather than running away from them.
    Your husband seems wonderful as well. \
    Like you said, speaking as soon as he wakes up.
    I know this is hard, but I respect you for what you’re doing.
    Many blessings to you.

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