How I Recognize Myself and Others

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Recognizing self:

Tru here.  Biggest cues for me in recognizing sight of self and loved ones are:
hair length,
hair color,
hair style.

I have always had a lot of very dark hair, usually long and pulled back from my face.  Right now my gray hair surprises me each time I look in mirror, but I still recognize myself.  More difficult when my hair is short, so I wear it long.  (Had been cycling between shaving as gift for Locks of Love then growing long enough to gift again, but now am giving gift to self of recognition.)

I recognize my mother, but she still has long dark hair.  I do not recognize the way my sister looks, or aunts and uncles.

819 blog 20150921a 3in100ppiWhen I no longer recognize myself I suggest that if my hair is dyed that might help, but until that time I like to wear it natural.
I will stretch the recognition time as long as possible by wearing a black head-covering on top of my head, and black snood over my long hair in back.


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Recognizing spouse:

Again hair makes a big difference, but since he now has very little hair on top of his head, I do not request that he color his hair.  Hair length makes a big difference tho – best if his hair and beard are short like our early years together.  He has always worn a hat during the daytime, so I recognize him more when he wears a hat and has short hair, but my most reliable recognition for both spouse and loved ones is not sight; it is …

sound, and

So husband makes it a point to speak to me as soon as he wakes.  When he talks I recognize him with no problem.
When my sister speaks I recognize her.  But if I still did not recognize her then I suggest she start singing “They call the wind Maria” or “Oh what a beautiful Morning”.
When other family members speak then I recognize them.

I suggest if loved ones have a “signature scent” that they use the same fragrance they did in the earlier years of our relationship.

I hope to extend the recognition process as long as possible, but even when I no longer recognize loved ones, if it goes like my grandmothers then I will still know these people are important to me.  I may get the relationships jumbled, but please do not pull away from time spent together.

Relationships are what make life worth living.


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6 thoughts on “How I Recognize Myself and Others

  1. So glad you wrote this. I try to encourage people to visit my mom. Family or not. I appreciate every person who takes time to come with me. Mom might not recognize faces, but I believe She recognizes feelings and love.

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