A Minute at a Time


Tru here.  7:30am.  This entry started out as a FaceBook update, and turned into a blog entry.
Started this latest bout of Lyme treatment 10 days ago (on Friday the 13th).  My tummy is now queasy more and more of the day.
Today I feel horrid … and have not even started my day.  Since it is the day before holiday activities begin, today promises to be one of those with strong challenges even if I did not have concentration complicated by neurons too “busy” by dealing with pain signals to carry my thoughts.  … and even if my thoughts were clear and not complicated by dementia symptoms of various kinds.
Ugggh ! It is one of those weeks that is not a day at a time, but an hour or a minute at a time.
“Okay Tru, accept what is … (for these next few minutes) then >> focus on what IS possible, get out of the pity-party ditch and get started doing it !!”
Getting STARTED on days (or even hours / minutes) like this, without the debilitating platitudes of denial, is one of those times I will accept the “Courage” award.  It is now almost 8:30.  Starting graphic for this blog entry, and at 9am or 10am, YOU get the award, because maybe my challenges will have decreased by then … okay?  LOL  😀  — Tru
(Found free coloring pic at http://www.momjunction.com., then with photoshop I added the clock from my desktop.   Later in the day, when I am too debilitated to tackle any of my projects, I will add some doodles to my lion clock, and color it.)

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2 thoughts on “A Minute at a Time

  1. I understand how difficult it is to have Lyme disease as well as the treatment. I hope you have some ginger to make tea.
    You inspire me with your strong, move on attitude. Sending love your way. Happy Chanukah!


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