Living in the Moment during 2017


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Kate Swaffer comment got me thinking about quotes to live by, which motivated these thoughts about living in the moment.

“TAKE ACTION on the fact that there are no erase and re-write buttons for your moments.

We can only live one moment at a time, so …

REMEMBER the past moments with fondness, and
ANTICIPATE the future moments enough to prepare,
… but don’t tackle tomorrow until it arrives.


ANALYZE to put your priorities into words you can live by.
CREATE something that will remind you frequently of those words, and
LIVE each moment in light of those priorities.
Only then are you best enabled to fully
APPRECIATE each moment while you are living it.

BUILD on the negative moments, as well as the positive ones.
Because the negative moments can either make or break you.

… TAKE ACTION on the fact that there are no erase and re-write buttons for your life.”
– TLK 2017-01/12

My perspective on adult life and moments probably began with toddlerhood and being told that the best way to prepare for being a Mommy was to ANALYZE behavior and actions of my own parents, neighbors and friends, and think about what works and what does not work in parenthood and early childhood education for life. Then, when I was 12 years old my father was diagnosed with cancer and given 2% chance of life. That changed my own priorities and first brought analysis of “What really counts in life?” >> “What really counts in my own life?”.  At 18 years old I was mis-diagnosed with a terminal disease. (I inherited fibromyalgia, and then first acquired several tick-borne diseases that year, after cutting trail for US Forest Service. At that time little was known about Lyme Disease and accompanying tick-borne co-infections from nature’s “dirty needle”, so it is now no surprise that I received a misdiagnosis.) This misdiagnosis created need to quickly take a look at my life at 18 years old. Analyze, prioritize, and put those priorities into action in order to live each moment that I still had, weighing my actions and thoughts by those priorities. Then I needed to find what work-arounds would help me continue living each moment to my fullest. So, most of my entire adult life has been lived with this perspective (except when I forgot or decided other needs were more important for the moment, LOL).

So I began with more vague set of life priorities and goals, which have become further clarified with each breathtaking discovery of who I was created to be, both genetically and environmentally. Each wonderful moment told me who I was in setting my priorities, and each terrible disaster further clarified it.

Naming has incredible meaning. When I was 50 years old, I took action on those priorities in a nomenclature way, and legally changed my name to reflect the English meaning for three Hebrew words, “chesed v’emet”. Now, when I hear my name, I am reminded of my priorities; what I want the sum of my life to reflect. How I achieve that differs in each moment, with the opportunities life’s circumstances bring … but “Truthful Loving Kindness” is what I most WANT to be – at my most basic core; “chesed” loving-kindness in the most truthful reliable way possible.

I wonder …
When I die, will my friends and acquaintances look back at my life and see “Truthful Loving Kindness” in each moment of my life … even after dementia symptoms peel back the onion to my most basic core (with all its human weaknesses)? I have made plenty of mistakes, and even spent several years with letting my area of weakness determine too much of my actions. Life has no re-write button, so what will the moments of 2017 show?

What will the moments of TODAY show? Right now, I will tackle the moments of noon on January 12, 2017. I will remember the past moments to make the best results, prepare as much as possible for the coming years, but LIVE this hour, this minute … and this moment.


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