I Soak

Tru here.

When life gets overwhelming, i soak.

… i soak my aches & pains … in the spiritual water of prayer communication (different than just request, with many periods of no words; where i am just soaking up the feelings).

… i soak my dry worries … in the refreshing water of meditation (since meditation and worry are two sides of the same coin).

… i soak the discouraging aspects from my day … in the encouraging awareness of blessings.

…  and WHILE i am doing these things,  i soak my moments … with the soothing (yet invigorating) touch of warm water and personalized fragrance, carressing each cell of my body.

I SOAK, then i drain the dirty water; I drain away my pains, worries, and discouragements … leaving my soul and body soothed, refreshed, and smelling like me again.


As you can see from photo, husband has already invested many hours in sanding, staining, and putting water-resistant finish on doorsills, window sills, wainscoting,  and special planks under the tub.  Woodwork is not quite finished enough to add the chair rail, edgings, and handrails, but …

Son’s visit during Thanksgiving holiday gave an assistant for my husband to help move our clawfoot tub around, hook up the plumbing, and arrange for me to use it.  So i no longer need to climb stairs in order to soak.  Happy Lady for Thanksgiving blessings !

After several prior bouts with tick-borne diseases of Lyme and Babesia, due to another exposure i am now going thru the extra fatigue and nausea from Lyme treatment AGAIN, so … i soak.

I plan to make a poster of these thoughts, to remind me how much i enjoy bath time.  (Because sometimes each one of us can get stuck in the ditch, and postpone or neglect the important things of life — such as renewal.)

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7 thoughts on “I Soak

  1. I’m so glad you soak. Sounds like you might use some essential oils in your bath. Wonderful!
    It’s a good way to let your worries go down the drain.
    I understand Lyme disease is very real and mimics dementia.
    Much love I send to you.


  2. I also like a tub tru and unfortunately my little A frame has none!
    on another: I have recently got a copy of “the alchemist” and plan to read it on Christmas.

    I do love the way you write. and can appreciate the gift that you have!

    kind regards


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