Frustration from not connecting Cause and Effect

Tru here with great frustration;

I did it again.

Messed things up because i did not thoroughly understand the fine print.


Started this entry four months ago, with only the note
“holes in our ability to connect cause and effect”.

Forget what triggered that short note.  In this case i did not think thru to the possible result of my action.

In this case, i could not thoroghly understand what was written, but assumed that i understood motives of writer enough that it did not matter.

frustration … at MYSELF.

I am the one at fault.

at one time i was the one responsible for reviewing the fine print of contracts for a hazardous waste facility.
at another i was secretary to an attorney.
at one point i certainly had the ability to understand this simple document.

but even now i certainly know enough to WAIT until someone who has intact brain function can review document.

But i was excited and in a hurry.  I did not think thru to results of my action.


There is a reason my name is no longer on the checkbook or bank accounts (except for one credit card which we keep a low limit for).
I (yes me) … I asked for those conditions because i recognized the financial dangers.

Now i messed up … again .

Okay … BREATHE … i tried a nap (with no success), but must pick myself up and … go outside and do some dog training, work on Family History … do SOMETHING on a different topic for a while.  Everyone is defferent, for some folks eating might be soothing.  A hot drink might be a good place for me to start.

hmmm  ((smile))  even tho i have so many other things that NEED done, might be good time for my music … or a craft … or a long soak in the tub might be good.

But first, exercise and work out some of this energy from frustration, LOL .

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