Distorted Decision Making in Kitchen

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Tru here.  I am not stupid but my thought process is definitely distorted and causes problems with my decision-maker.

It is not surprising that I forgot to close the lid of the shaker this morning, and dumped protein drink all over my self, floor, and counters.  What makes it notable was the rationale.  I remember thinking that I didn’t want to fill the lid with powder, so I purposely did not close the lid before I shook it.

It is not surprising that I repeatedly dump water all over the kitchen.  What makes it notable is my rationale behind it.  At the kitchen faucet, my water pitcher is full and overflowing again.  Water is running down the back of the sink cabinet and on to the floor as I am desperately trying to get the container out from under the faucet, AGAIN forgetting that I am able to reach up and simply turn off the faucet.  It is not that I am not thinking about what I am doing; I am simply thinking about the wrong things; AGAIN repeating the same mistaken thoughts in the same scenario.

It is not surprising that I repeatedly over-heat food.  What makes it notable is my rationale behind it.  I want to get my drink warm enough the first time.  So every time my thought is “what is the worst that could happen — only that it burns my mouth if I am not careful … so I will be careful but I will make sure my drink gets hot enough”.  Every time I forget that this is a repeating scenario.  AGAIN I set timer for extremely long and I forget that the fluid will boil out all over the microwave.  Sometimes there is no drink left in the cup.  I have melted four special French-press mugs.  In fact the last one I bought lasted less than a week before I melted it.

Now I have a note from my daughter re-installed on microwave door, reminding me that “My Cup Runneth Over”, but the problem is that these are symptomatic of my decision-making process and I never know when it will become dangerous.
Journal 2013-01/03

2014 Update: This symptom has not been solved, but has improved with use of Aricept.

2015 Update: still forgetting that if I shake protein drink with lid up then it will end up all over everything.  Did it again today in fact.

2023 Update: A lot of things have changed in 10 years, and i am now seldom in the kitchen. Now husband prepares all my food; even mixes and pours my protein drinks. i have lost ability to predict (amounts of fluid, particles, time, etc). i now regularly have problems with how to get hot/cold (as reflected in my adding water to dog food). My tremors are severe and do not allow for pouring or serving.

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10 thoughts on “Distorted Decision Making in Kitchen

  1. My husband has been a much better cook than I, especially with Latin American and Carrebean food he knew very well. But doing strange things in his kitchen and even hurt himself was one of the first symptoms of his dementia. Same with my Mom who has never been a great cook, but even to warm up processed food on the stove didn’t work for her anymore. Unhealthy this was anyway Now she gets from a nursing home’s kitchen a complete vegetarian meal every day, once a day. She puts the tray into an induction heater (not microwave) where she has to press just one button and then wait for 30 minutes. The meals are beautifully presented, incl. lettuce and dessert. Breakfast and some snack in the evneing, in front of her TV, she still manages herself! It’s part of elder services in Switzerland. Tina

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