Symptom Flare


Dontknow why symptoms are so much worse right now, but i do know that i am not the only one.  With Fibromyalgia, we would call it a “flare” — consecutive periods of time when abilities are dramatically lower becaus symptoms are dramatically intensified.  Dont know what to call it with dementia symptoms.

it seems like lately a number of my friends and i have just been extra ragged.  More exhausted.  Not just me, but also friends in Europe.  So truly no ideas on why … just know it IS.

So … symptoms are more intense, time frame for doing our “normal” tasks is even longer than usual, more likely to get extra frustrated on every little thing — because our abilities are lower than usual.

Walking and other movement less successful so more stressful.

Dropping more items that break.  Since i  cannot remember what is inside kitchen cabinets we removed doors, so that means MUCH more time in clean-up time when glass breaks.

Less successful in getting food/drinks all the way to my mouth.  Right now, wearing clothes guarantees those clothes will have food on them before end of day.

Less understanding of movies and reading.  Confident it will pick back up, so i am juist leaving them along for now.  if i was not using so much EXTRA time repairing my added mistakes on the other stuff, would spend some time doodling with colored pencils, crochet, or music.

For me, MUCH more challenge with audio communication right now.  (But then audio section of my brain was one of the first sections for dementia symptoms.)  Spent a good portion of my most recent Dementia Mentors’ chats just watching, because could not understand a word of what was said.  Could still see body language tho  ((smile)).  Still appreciate being part of the “family” — even tho cannot understand what they are saying.

much more audio hallucinations lately.

Looking back, see that wrote about intensified symptoms during May of LAST year also.  In fact i see that i fell badly and lost sensations in left thumb last May.  Sensation never returned. Also iPhone STILL will not respond to “touch” movement with that thumb.

Emotionally, i am much more fragile right now.  Frequently feel like crying — probably frustration.

My iPhone makes sounds & no idea why because cannot find any cause.  Are they hallucinations ?? — no idea !!

Either the smoke alarm was going off this morning — or it was more audio hallucinations.  No idea. but i ran around the house checking everyhting i could think of.  Did not find anything on.  Unfortunately i had hallucinations of that hot acrid burning smell numerous times every hour for 3 years — so suspect i lost the smell sensor to smell real smoke.  Then sound of large animal moving things around on porch — but dogs show that actually there is nothing on porch.  ugggh !!!  Now smoke alarm going off again .  I think i will put in ear plugs, cover up0, and go take a nap.


That is Life.

So what do i do about it ??

Have someone check the fire precautionary devices.  (Relax about nomenclature; work-around the noun with verbs for what the item does.  Work-around the names, with how the person is associated with yourself. etc)

Gear down to COMPOUND Low in everything.  Compound Low is very low “crawling” gear — for pulling heavy loads (like my cognitive abilities right now, LOL).

Top priority = eat, drink, & relationship with family/pets and Creator.  Cannot handle much more than that right now

Right now, i have stopped trying to read all my FaceBook notifications from friends with dementia (>150/day).

Continue attending video chat, even if i do not understand what folks are saying.

Extra Naps (but not past noon — to not interfere with sleep pattern)

Take out my “Future Creativity Box” this week-end (that i keep for when abilities are at Lowest Levels).

Get comfortable, then give self permission to have a good cry.  … and find the things that i still have ability to do.


Husband care-partner has these suggestions:

nice long bath

take a walk and enjoy thi wonderful world

watch sunset and/or sunrise

play music

… and i can do this because my husband will take dog to training, and i will re-allocate my own dog-training time for quiet time on my own.


And gonna go ahead and post this now instead of working on it further during week-end.  That way it is not pulling on my mind.  So even tho this is posted early and probably a bit scrambled, it is my “Truthful Tuesday” entry.


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13 thoughts on “Symptom Flare

  1. Your descriptive word pictures are wonderful Tru. I felt overwhelmed by recent family issues, that I have been trying my best to address over the last few weeks. I now these issues will continue for at least the foreseeable future. Yesterday, I just stayed in bed. Sometimes the only helpful response is to withdraw. For me anyway. Thank you Lord for journeying with us through the deep valleys, and the mountaintops. Thank you for making us to lie down in green pastures sometimes. Amen.

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  2. I am so sorry that you are going through a difficult time right now. It is through your example that you show others how you cope with such difficult times, and that enables you to help others even as you go through difficult times yourself. Thank you so much for sharing.

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  3. Hi Tru:

    I read this Truthful Tuesday and I saw such determination and perseverance in this post. You are truly a remarkable person and formidable in your staunch pursuit of living despite the progressing symptoms of dementia.

    You are the most incredible positive honest role model for not only those who suffer from this unfortunate condition but also to those who provide support and care for those whose loved ones struggling to keep “self “ as long as possible.

    Thank you, dear lady.

    Ellie Settle

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  4. Thank you for sharing this Tru. Your positivity despite the difficulties you are having shine through. I am sorry to hear its tough for you at the moment and hope it clears for you. It is great to read of how you deal with these times when you feel so low by taking stock of what you can do and having some quiet time.

    Much love and hugs to you x

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