Gifts from Flare

Tru here.  This one is another impromptu posting … just notes from past few days.

If you did not see it, my most recent entry is needed for context;  Symptom Flare >>

Resulting thoughts after taking hot bath= Relax and quit pushing myself, Cry, Pray, and …

… and realize there is a gift involved from “symptom flare”.


Symptom “flare” is very valuable PREVIEW for next stage of progression

what will be appropriate Crafts ?

what Mobility tools will work ?

what communication problems, so that can be on lookout for strategies.

types of music and movies that are helpful ,rather than producing more confusion.

gives me an opportunity to prepare for symptom progression in a gradual way.
Compensation strategies and projects previously assigned to a symptom flare gradually become integrated into my “new normal”, then new lower-level strategies/projects need to be found for during the week after an event, or when symptoms are just in an intense stage.


Thoughts from the Next day:

Today, looking back, realize what i was calling a “flare” has now lasted more than two months.  Kind of suspect that i will have some scattered better days, but probably this is basically my “new normal”.  So, grieve, accept, and work with what abilities i still have.


Life is always a balance beam, with priorities vs time/energy consumed.

every time i realize my Abilities have slipped another rung on the ladder, i need to re-evaluate what i have on my plate of duties, in order to keep my best abilities, time, and energy for the roles and tasks that are top priority.
For me, that means, Creator, Family, self-communication, Dementia Mentors, and other dementia advocacy.
Keep needing to drop roles in order to continue, because time to do every task keeps increasing (even things like eating or bathing).

Always a precarious balance — because progression of symptoms is part of ALL dementia.
So … need to take another look at my daily priorities in light of “new normal” dys-abilities.  … but first i need to spend a bit of time to process and accept this.

i know that if i rush things … it creates added complications.


UPDATE thoughts a week later:  One of the reasons i journal (especially with pictures added) is so that i can review my words, and see Life does not stay in the deep pits.
Not that our symptoms get BETTER
… but i think we learn new coping tools,
those around us learn new strategies
… and it is possible to become even closer with our “higher power”.

praying tools & energy for all of us dealing with dementia Life, and those who live with us.


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6 thoughts on “Gifts from Flare

  1. thank you for telling us about your continuing and enormously contributing life. flare is telling you something and you are telling us something.
    do take care,

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