Blog Difficulties

Tru here.

I know i skipped “Truthful Tuesday” this week, despite being here at the house, intensively working on blog the prior week and since Sunday morning.  Realizing that even if i worked thru the night there is no way i could finish until later in the week, so … At 10pm Monday night i just gave up.  This is NOT a regular blog entry — i am still working on the pages i am trying to share, but more a short explanation.

Been working on blog pages for others.  Last year i kept track of my work time spent on posting pages for others, and it averaged 2hrs per page, even a simple copy/paste, find graphic from their FB photos, & get their approval for how it was put together.  This year is tremendously higher.  Cannot put my finger on the added problems, but in past few months it takes me way longer to do stuff — just generally.

Sleep complications have intensified again, which may be part of cause.

Also have started another blog entry on communication.  Marital/partner communication has also dropped a step in abilities ladder.  ugggh!!

Life goes on, but not being as successful at analyzing and problem-solving for work-arounds these days.


i am still working on it.
Havent given up, so dont give up on this blogsite either.  ((smile))


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