Recent Pages Added 2018May part 1

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Pages recently added to my blogsite are from:


Wally Cox; WaterColor Class 2016  >>


Tommy Dunne; Gardens & Dementia >>


Harry Urban; April Laughter >>


Non-dementia personal memoir page added to Bits n Pieces; Mother’s Day for Connie >>


Index for other contributions here >>

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2 thoughts on “Recent Pages Added 2018May part 1

  1. True, everything about this blog touched my heart deeply. Thank You for continuing to not only blog yourself, but to loving share others contributions. I turned 65 this month, had mother’s day, lost my husband’s 36 yr old niece, and have been sharing care giving with my daughter, son in law and his parents. Our precious grandson has been in hospitals for psychiatric problems r/t autism spectrum disorder, adolescent changes, pts from abuse by a teacher 3 yrs ago. So very hard, but we stand nearby every moment, love him, and raise prayers for God’s generous mercy. Landon is 11 years old. We would carry the burden if we could, but we can’t. You know, autism, and dementia aren’t so very different. You brought sunshine. Thank you.

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    • Hello Janet. Tru here. i agree quite a few similarities with autism spectrum and dementia symptoms. Very much admire Temple Grandin . Glad you share care-PARTNER tasks with others — but keep Landon as PARTNER in his own care. Big job and nice to not have all the responsibility on only your own shoulders.


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