Apathy ?? or Clarified Priorities ?

Tru here.

Some of my friends are experiencing what they are concerned is “apathy”
regarding current violence in the world.

Others are in a frenzy of panic-mode.

For me, I know that my circle of influence is small enough that
I do not have ability to make positive change for that sort of disaster … in the time I have left.
It is not that I do not “care”
— it is simply that i no longer consider it my responsibility to invest in it.
I have invested plenty of time and energy to emotionally process the violence in my own life.
Psychiatrist agrees that I have processed past trauma in healthy ways.
For me personally,
part of processing and accepting my current trauma of dementia symptoms is that
mostly I avoid investing in violence (even emotionally, by reading, watching movies/news, etc)
— unless I have power
to change some aspect of the future
THRU that investment.
Just like each adult, I need to choose priorities
for my investments of time and energy.
My hope of change
is in the documentation of lived experience
for dementia symptoms;
my own and those of my friends.
My hope is that some day in the future
these stories of lived experience
will be valued enough to make a difference in the larger perspective.
So I write,
I collect what others write,
… and I categorize for the future.
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Maybe , for YOU also,
you will discover that …
It is not apathy
— it is clarified priorities for time investment.
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3 thoughts on “Apathy ?? or Clarified Priorities ?

  1. Thank you for your perspective. I am aware of a lot of violence, decievement, and and falsehoods are rampant in our world. I am aware that good people, kindnesses, and love also exist. Above all is God. I think I do see more apathy in myself with MCI, but I do believe that our priorities, and and realistic expectations of what we can affect and not affect also change with more maturity, and clarity. Most important is how I live my life, and the immediate relationships with people I am surrounded with. You make an important contribution to understanding and living with cognitive impairment.

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