Unfinished: Complex Role of Task Memory or Husband Gone This Morning

How can this “snapshot” jrnl entry become a tip ?

Decided to start writing in order to track backwards for why I was filling butter dish. Figured it out. This will probably be eventually used as part of a blog entry (on complex use of memory in task completion) in future but this is my morning today.

Needed something and checked dishwasher (which needed emptied).  Can’t remember where some of the dishes belong, so need to put them in dishdrainer by sink.  But there are some dishes in dishdrainer that are now dry (and I know where they belong) so need to put them away before I put wet dishes on top.  First item was butter dish so went to fill it.  Only 2 cubes of butter so checked in freezer.  None in freezer so need to add on grocery list.  Pencil gone so looking for gray mechanical pencil that belongs by grocery list.  Now … why did I need pencil?  Butter.  Wrote butter on grocery list & filled butter dish.  Started writing this.

Took 45min to write this and figure out I was emptying dishwasher (which still needs emptied) but I know there was something I NEEDED from dishwasher.  I remember that it was important but I am shaking badly so maybe I’d better make some protein drink.  THAT was what I started out to do; my mug must be in dishwasher.   … and now it is an hour later and I decide it is more important to stabilize my blood sugar than to empty the dishdrainer or dishwasher.  With protein shaker in hand I discover that my protein mix powder is empty and I need to find my recipe and gather supplies before I can make some.  So I think I had better ask husband to make me something else instead.  Where is my husband?  Car is gone so I look on the new chalkboard at the door.  He went to a doctor appointment.

Unfortunately this type of scenario has become my “new normal” for all day every day (instead of just a few times a day).

Dog is crying so I’d better drop whatever I was doing and take care of that instead.

But I am shaking so badly.

1.5hrs on 20160105 at 9am

journal entry originally posted 2016-Jan-05 (with comments) at https://www.facebook.com/truthful.kindness/posts/10207999241917440



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