Thoughts on Dementia Symptom Perspectives NewsLetter for 2016

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LEGALITIES: Since “Dementia Symptom Perspectives” NewsLetter links are only that – links, no formal approval process is needed. No introduction, copy/paste, or editing is even available for NewsLetter application; only which links are to be included and the order of their inclusion.


I think almost ANY of these projects (written or otherwise) can be helpful to fellow persons with dementia symptoms, because it shows us different possibilities of projects that we ourselves might be able to enjoy attempting during the progressing stages of dementia, allowing us to document our wishes for the future (and/or begin collecting tools and supplies for various projects). At the same time, those same projects can show OTHERS (family, professionals, etc) that the person is still there. Yes they have changed … but every person changes.

I would like to include as many persons with dementia as possible in the regular NewsLetter, because I think it can be an encouragement to continue attempting projects. In order to have as many participants as possible, NewsLetter must have limit of only one “story” and one “project” from each person with dementia symptoms. Unfortunately the NewsLetter program application cannot “see” links on FaceBook, regardless of whether the setting is public. There are a few other web providers that for some reason this program does not “see”. I try to provide pages in my blogspace for stories and projects from my PWD friends, in order to meet some of that need.

NewsLetter “STORY” may be video, audio, or written, but must be completely composed by the person with dementia symptoms.

NewsLetter “PROJECT” can be written, video, or photo account of project (one project this month is developing their Power of Attorney and another is a book finished and for sale), a compilation from several persons (such as a choral video project), interview with PWD, or arts/crafts/hobby by PWD, etc.

First priority is to those recent entries which are helpful to fellow persons with dementia symptoms: 1) Suggestions for PWD; 2) Better understanding of symptoms and experiences; 3) Simple acknowledgement that we are not ALONE in experiences; 4) Variety of projects available.

Second priority is to recent entries which are helpful to those in association/relationship with those persons, such as family, professionals, etc: 1) Suggestions for person WITHOUT dementia symptoms; 2) Better understanding of symptoms and experiences; 3) See PWD as still “there” – not becoming of lesser value.

If very helpful, up to three additional entries per person can be included in the categorized index page, but only one story and one project per person can go into the regular NewsLetter.

Hope to provide special future NewsLetter issues with Most helpful 2015 links, 2015 Links re Symptoms, and 2015 Links to improve Relationships.  However, my own symptoms have created increasing complications with time requirements.  I am making many more mistakes which must be corrected, and losing track of where I am in projects so constantly that I am now 3 months behind and I realize there is no hope of my catching up to schedule.  I decreased NewsLetter schedule from weekly to monthly in January 2015, and January 2016 I realize I must further decrease schedule from monthly to seasonally in hope to continue the project at all. Very very much appreciate the offer to help in review of blog entries. Your time is valuable to me.

LINK to NewsLetter is

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