March 2020

Tru here.

Spent much of last week-end and this week-end trying to source our family supplies.
Since we live rather out-of-the-way (almost 2hours from the nearest Walmart, LOL) we have always bought our supplies in bulk,
but now many of those bulk supplies are not available at our usual vendors.
So must search for other providers.

With cancellation of events for virus, there are also quite a few NEW opportunities to participate thru Zoom video,
so they will be discussed in additional entry Later this week.


Meanwhile these are some of the recent pages added on my blog.  Remember to click colored text NOT the picture:


Dementia: from retired Dr Jennifer Bute >> ;


FamHist: Rollo the Viking >> ;


Arts: ZenDoodles March2020 >> .


Schedule will be included in additional entry Later this week.



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