Stay Connected Despite CoronaVirus Restrictions

As Charles Dickens wrote (1859):
“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
… It was the winter of despair. … It was the spring of hope” (from Tale of Two Cities).

So, shall we give up hope … or shall we look forward ?
Do we crawl into a hole of isolation … or use media tools to stay connected ?

Tru here.

Like everywhere else in the world right now, CoronaVirus is a big topic among my friends.

Personally, i always try to focus on the possibilities.
i think the latest recommendations emphasize benefits of Video communication
… and benefits of social networks like FaceBook and Twitter.

With video tools like Zoom and Skype, we can visit from “safety” of our Living Room.
Sample of video Zoom (but with music background added) is here >> .

Here are some other suggestions from a couple friends:

LauraMarie says BREATHE (13 Mar 2020)

My hope is families will take this time to become closer.
To return to activities like cooking together, conversations and gaming together.
Talking with each other instead of AT each other or arguing.
Sitting on the porch enjoying nature is still ok.

It is my hope that instead of complaining, we find the good.
Turn the negatives into positives.
This is just a season.
Make some rice and a pot of yummy beans.
When movies become boring, pull out the board games.
Actually have conversations and get to know your people again.

Most of all, show patience, mercy and Grace to each other.

When you want to fuss and yell, take a moment to breathe.
Choose your battles.
Perhaps instead of fussing, simply ask again.

Treat others as you WOULD WANT to or prefer to be treated.

Find a way to enjoy this time.


Need for TOUCH
Harry Urban says (11 Mar 2020)

I often speak of the fear of the unknown concerning dementia, but it does not compare with the fear of the coronavirus. …

… we are being told not to have any physical contacts with the people we love,
no holding hands or touching someone’s cheek to give them comfort.

Meetings are discouraged to discuss our fears
and total isolation is encouraged.
Will we be able to dismiss the lessons we are learning
after the coronavirus fears calm … and ((when)) we can go to the store and buy a roll of toilet paper or hand sanitizer again.

The fears are real, but it is up to you how to handle them.
Don’t forget about us living with dementia after the coronavirus diminishes …  >>


Alzheimers Speaks Announcement:

How Is Covid 19 Affecting You And Those You Care For With Dementia?
Let’s talk about your feelings, fears, plans and ideas!

Lori La Bey is excited to facilitate this important conversation and as usual wants to hear the voices of those living with dementia, families caring for them as well as professionals and businesses supporting dementia care.

Alzheimer’s Speaks was built with a foundation of giving voice to all and helping people feel comfortable discussing tough issues in a respectful way.
We hope you will join the conversation!
Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio will be Live via Zoom this Tuesday, March 17th 11am Pacific time, 12 noon Mtn, 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern time, 6pm London, 8pm South Africa, … and March 18 in Australia . Link to join is #465951797 , at

DAA Announcement:

Coronavirus – Impact and strategies for people living with dementia.
We would like to hold a couple special Dementia Discussions to generally discuss the Impact of the Coronavirus.

As people are scared and routines are being totally changed, and perhaps loved ones out of work, we believe there is a need for an open discussion on how people living with dementia are impacted and how we are coping. As well as a need to lend support and share coping strategies.

Our first discussion will be on Thursday, March 19th at 1pm Eastern Time. We would like to encourage people from all countries and all dementia groups to unite to support each other.

DR. Al Power will be joining this discussion to help answer questions and provide some encouragement. We are not preparing any questions before hand, just letting people talk and try to lend a compassionate hand. We will be recording the discussion to share on social media platforms.

In order to accommodate more people, a second Dementia Discussion will be the next day, Friday March 20th at 6pm Eastern time.

Dementia Action Alliance ( invites people living with any form of dementia to join this Dementia Discussion at  10am Pacific time, 11 Mtn, 12 noon Central, 1pm Eastern time, 5pm UK, and 7pm South Africa. The Discussion will last one hour. An additional discussion will be 3pm Pacific time, 4pm Mtn, 5pm Central, 6pm Eastern time … and 10pm UK.  Learn tips from others and share your thoughts as we discuss ways to make life easier for people living with dementia and/or care partners.

The below link will connect you to our free video chat – all you need is a phone, tablet, or computer with a camera.

Please share this with other people who you think may be interested.

Hope to see you there!

.— *** —


i think Dr. Daniel Potts says it well >> ;
page from retired Dr Jennifer Bute at ;
DAA interview with Al Power now available here >> ; ;
Michael Ellenbogen and i participated in 17 March Alzheimers Speaks Radio project (video) on this topic, shared here >> ;
and Harry Urban’s index page is .

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.*. . .*. . .*. SCHEDULE: .*. . .*. . .*.

along with daily Dementia Mentors’ video chats,
( )
i may (or may NOT) join the following this week:
.*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*.

Mar 17, Tuesday, Teepa Snow has “Lets Talk” video chat with Persons Living with Dementia has been re-scheduled from March 19 to March 17. >> .

Mar 17, Alzheimers Speaks Radio (video Chat) : See discussion above.

Mar 19, Thursday: DAA Discussion (see above).

Mar 20, Friday: DAA Discussion (see above).

.*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*.

Mark Your Calendars for future events:

.*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*.


.*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*.

POSTPONED from Mar 23, Sunday: Annual PPA Conference: Held annually by the Northwestern University Mesulam Center for Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer’s Disease, the PPA Conference offers education and support for persons living with primary progressive aphasia (PPA), their families, and professionals. This year’s conference will focus on communication and connection. >> credit card companies have travel insurance clauses in their policy agreement.  If you have difficulty getting cancellation refund (from lodging, transportation, etc) then you may want to contact your credit card company to confirm their policy and your benefit.

.*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*.

Mar 24, Tuesday, is next Dementia Chats with Lori LaBey.
This monthly recorded TEACHING series involving persons with dementia as experts in Lived Experience. Let me know if YOU would like to participate
>> .

.*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*.

UPDATE: NIH Dementia Care & Caregiving Summit March 24-25 to be Videocast Only !!!  Mar 24-25, Mon-Tue: 2020 Dementia Care Summit. The National Research Summit on Care, Services, and Supports for Persons with Dementia and their Caregivers is a two-day meeting sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and private sector organizations. The goal of the Summit is to bring together individuals with varying backgrounds to identify techniques that can be used to improve care, services, and supports of persons diagnosed with dementia and their care partners. The primary anticipated outcome of the 2020 meeting is to bring about recommendations for research priorities to inform federal agencies, foundations, and private sector organizations. >> credit card companies have travel insurance clauses in their policy agreement.  If you have difficulty getting cancellation refund (from lodging, transportation, etc) then you may want to contact your credit card company to confirm their policy and your benefit.

.*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*.

CANCELLED: Apr 17, Friday: 2020 AFTD Annual Education Conference. regarding Fronto-Temporal Degeneration. Details at >> credit card companies have travel insurance clauses in their policy agreement.  If you have difficulty getting cancellation refund (from lodging, transportation, etc) then you may want to contact your credit card company to confirm their policy and your benefit.

.*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*.
.*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*. . .*.


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