Loss of Filter in Conversation

Tru here.

i have heard the quote,
“If thought bubbles appeared above my head i would be in trouble”.
…  well, with dementia
those thought bubbles dont have a filter
so they go straight out the mouth.

As i have said before;
For me,
relationships make life worth living.
… but during past years i am in constant tension during relationship interactions.

Moving deeper to the underlying meaning of words in conversation,
taking into consideration the experiences/context of speaker (or writer)
… and then keeping all of that context in mind DURING the interactions
was natural and a flowing part of being

conversation now requires copious amounts of energy.
add the factor of a failing “filter”.

Filter separates what we dont want in a given situation or container, etc,
in order to keep INAPPROPRIATE things separate,
while joining together APPROPRIATE items, thoughts, etc.


Loss of filters;
having troubles with blurting out whatever enters my brain
— without thinking about circumstances and appropriateness.
In past few years do not stop to consider background and history of others,
because i am losing the ability to stop the impulse.

Failing FILTER for what is appropriate in given situation,
and to remember context of the past
in whatever current event (which often modifies emotions)
is just about my top concern for my own brain decline.
it is scary !
so you are NOT alone, my friends !!!


Perhaps another element is FORGETTING context.
i dont know whether i learned this information in a “private” conversation or context.
Dont remember sources for hardly anything unless written down
-then where do i find the written information ?.

In the past,
i think people would have said i was “thoughtful”.
Now, well … not so much.
Must look in other places to see my kindness characteristic,
because i am losing the thought-ability for “thoughtful”

i may blurt out Too Much Information and embarrass you … or me.
Many times i have decided there are things i should keep to myself
… and then i discover i have said them,
about me or about others.
If it enters the brain it goes out the mouth.

worry about blabbing inappropriate information in public forum.
So i am losing sleep because i am also dreaming about it.
ugggh !!

Husband has tried stopping me mid-sentence when he realizes i am sharing inappropriately,
but usually by that time so much is out that i might as well finish.

Failing FILTER for what is appropriate,
and to remember context of the past in whatever current event
(which often modifies emotions)
is just about my top concern for my own brain decline.
it is scary !
so you are NOT alone, my friends !!!

Would love to suggest strategies
… but really this is one area that nothing has worked for me.
My one suggestion is do NOT drop relationships as preventative
(unless you are holding secrets of national security, LOL)
If you drop relationships
then you both lose right to start with.
The other person/persons may consider your symptoms
and actually give you grace
in the occassions when you lose your filter.

maybe this entry can help someone from feeling they are the only one in this particular struggle.
Or maybe it can help someone in relationship with a person with dementia.
At any rate, thought i would write it down.



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7 thoughts on “Loss of Filter in Conversation

    • Hello Frangipani. Tru here.
      Thank you for taking the time to send encouraging comment. Dementia is unique to each of us, but there are many common symptoms. Glad this was helpful. — Tru


  1. Hi Tru,

    The benefit that I have discovered in experiencing similar problems, is that suddenly, after all these years, people find me funny and laugh at what I say….and me, in spite of the quiet reserved person that I have always been, am loving being the clown and get more and more inappropriate until someone finally stops me. I suppose I should be embarrassed, but you know what? For now, I’m enjoying it….and not having a carer have no-one to embarrass by my “bluntness”

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  2. O dear, I’m so relieved to have found you. I have been diagnosed with vascular dementia and decided to blog about it. I make gramatical and spelling mistakes, but can’t see it until a few days after. If I try drafting and I go back, I have no idea what I wanted to say. I hope we can be friends. Much lk e

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