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Crucial entry from KimJoy Ovard “Roller-Coaster of Primary Progressive Aphasia” >>


Opening FaceBook group for DSP Prayer >>;


Sgt Andrew Patterson, Scottish Immigrant >>


Index for other contributions here >>

FamHist Index >>

Spiritual Journal >>


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UPDATE: ((Previously, i had a notice here at base of each entry with announcement and Logo for HealthLine 2019 Best Alz Blogs. To my surprise, after HealthLine contacted me in January with fact that i was included in 2019 Best Alz Blogs, then announcing it publically on March 18, ten days later they decided against including writers with Mild Cognitive Impairment, and removed this blog from their listing, leaving only one first-person perspective. Now i am deleting each of those announcements of my inclusion on HealthLine Best Alz Blogs for 2019. i hope they soon decide to include at least one other first-person perspective in their “Best Alzheimers Blogs”.)) >>



2 thoughts on “Recent Pages Apr2019b

  1. Well, Tru, it would seem the Healthline really doesn’t have an interest in true anecdotal commentary from actual suffers from the condition. Not exactly sure how they can provide any real insight without contributions from those actually living with the condition. It would seem to put them in the “conjecture only” category instead of trustworthy input.

    Your insights have certainly be of great value to me as a prime caregiver and I will continue to look to your writings for further guidance and insight.

    Take care, dear Lady, and “Write On”;)

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