My Blessing is almost 13


Tru here.  Hope to get computer from shop sometime this week.  Until then limping along without my FaceBook friends. So here is this week’s entry (without photo for now) kind-of unrelated to dementia symptoms, but when I sat down with pen this is what came out because this is what I am thinking about.

Newfoundland dog life expectancy is only 9 to eleven yrs old, & Blessing turns 13 this week. She has always personified energy & enthusiasm, but today she is tired & resting.

Currently, Blessing considers her main job as a babysitter for the chickens. When they were baby chicks she would lay for an hour at a time, head on paws, just making sure no cats or large birds endangered them. Now chickens come running when Blessing enters the yard.

Yesterday I went out to find the cause of her repeated chirps of appeal. Blessing was laying in the middle of the yard, calling chickens away from the far fenceline.

But Blessing’s greatest enjoyment was her status as Service Dog. She thought pulling a wheelchair was the height of glory.

Today she dreams & her legs move rhythmically during sleep. Who knows? Maybe her memory carries her back to proud carriage & perky step, again doing the job she loves most; pulling a wheelchair..
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    • Thank you very much, Nicole! In past I have been unable to follow directions well enough to embed badges, but for this honor, I am willing to ask for help. 😀 I DO have some questions, so will email you after fully recovered from my speaking trip to Australia. THANK YOU !!


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