Exhausted from Dreams

One step at a time.
Tru here at 5am.

Another 5-installment night of more-real-than-daytime dream experiences of action/horror which are so very common with those who have Lewy Body Dementia symptoms.   These particular installments (much like episodes of a TV show) were figuring strategies to best live with progressive physical and mental disfigurement (literally “dripping away” of physical self, and extreme aggression as most difficult symptom of mental disintegration).  It was universal and progressive, involving all people and animals.  Thru trial and error, in the dream we discovered that best coping strategy was music for humans, and rhythm-vibration for animals.

i was unsuccessful in my dream, in that our strategy did not arrest or even slow progression, but was very rewarding to discover strategy to help continue relationships (even tho it is just in my dream-world).  Then i woke.

Very good chance that when i finally fall asleep tonight, dreams will continue with more episodes from the same environment.  That is often how it goes.


Several years ago, my psychiatrist pointed out that most of my dreams have a strong consistency; they usually involve me helping others in a disastrous environment.  There is almost always blood and guts, but that is not surprising with gunshot murder, rape, etc in family history.  The primary issue is that i can almost always make a DIFFERENCE in my dreams.  Even when generally unsuccessful, there is some positive impact, whether solo or as part of a team.  As he pointed out, this is very consistent with my life goals.  It makes sense, and, in a way, gives strength to (or reflects) HOPE in my life.


Unfortunately, all these stressors, violence, and action during the night do not produce restful renewal from my daytime efforts.
i wake simultaneously encouraged … and feeling more exhausted than when i went to bed.

day-time work, then night-time work, then day-time work again, etc.

Sometimes i feel absolutely desperate for energy-giving rest.  Daily nap is crucial.

Gotta take it one day at a time, one hour at a time,
… and one STEP at a time. 


Not really any tips here, altho very glad i have extensively discussed this with an “expert”.  Gives confidence that i have done what i could to address the issues (and he was surprised even to begin with, stating i had adjusted well to past and current trauma).

UPDATE: Lately if i wake with the horrid night hallucinations, i will
1: get up (actually move location);
2: Take three deep cleansing breaths;
3: breathing meditation for about 3-5 minutes;
4: Take three more deep cleansing breaths.
Then i might try going back to bed immediately afterward, or i might then go into some longer meditation,
again ending with three cleansing breaths, before i try sleeping again.

Perhaps reading this can help someone with similar symptoms see that they are NOT alone,
or help a care-partner better understand exhaustion of the person with dementia.


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4 thoughts on “Exhausted from Dreams

  1. Thx Tru. Gord has dreams all the time … ugly horrifying dreams where he is battling for his life and very often loses😕. Common theme is no help from people he expects help from, sometimes those people are the aggressors, take things away from him, demean and humiliate him to the extreme. These can affect his daily outlook. Very difficult to know he is going through this and there isn’t anything I can do to change it😕



    Liked by 1 person

    • it IS very difficult. and yes, very commonly i end up dead in the dream, and that is when i wake. (But i didnt feel that element was crucial to share, LOL). Sad Gord feels so alone. Wish he could get in video chat with us. — Tru


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