Altered Afternoon Relationships

Tru here on 2019Feb06.
This month marks my 20th year since dementia symptoms became noticable.  Symptoms have definitely progressed, but progressed slowly.

Newest development is that
Lately find myself impatient, angry,
and just hostile by the time evening comes
… even with my morning nap.
Relationship interactions, (whether written or verbal),
become much more work by late afternoon.
It’s hard. it is just plain HARD

i think as my energy is further depleted during the day, i just dont have the energy to keep everything in perspective (and thus avoid so much frustration and anger). Keeping perspective requires REMEMBERING the context of whatever circumstances and people are involved in the interactions — and the context is always retreating. ugggh !!! 

Written words have been a problem for quite a few years now.  Understanding spoken words into concepts has become strong challenge for me in past year.  Moving deeper to the underlying meaning, taking into consideration the experiences/context of speaker (or writer) … and then keeping all of that context in mind DURING the interactions; it all requires copious amounts of energy.  Interactions are very important to me; relationships are what make life worth living … but for me, interactions also always cost energy, because i am a strong introvert.  Lately toward late afternoon and evening i just dont have that energy.  it seems my ability to understand (and to reflect unconditional love for each being sharing this universe) is beginning to have an expiration “time-of-day” (instead of an “expiration date”).

It is now 3pm and AGAIN … my symptoms are swinging.

Is it because over 600 persons with Dementia in social networks  is just too many individuals for my introversion-energized self ?  (i have thought of this & have eliminated listings of most folks who do not actually have dementia themselves, but cannot bear to sacrifice any friendships among those who share dementia symptoms.)  Is this from intensive “thinking” work on too many social projects during morning and early afternoon ?  Maybe partly because less sunshine outside, so should check levels for vitamin D ?  Maybe fighting a flu bug ??  All worth consideration, but regardless of why these are showing up NOW, probably indicates future “new normal”, so i need to be thinking about strategies, and preparing to best LIVE with the new symptoms.

Particularly disturbing because every time my name is spoken i am reminded of the importance of Truthful Loving Kindness in all my interactions.  this is absolutely crucial to me!!

THANKSgiving for patience of others, when our own patience disapears.
THANKSgiving for understanding of others, when our own understanding disapears.

But tomorrow will be a new day
… if i can get some rest will have new energy.
I will think about strategies tomorrow (and remainder of week).
Another blog entry on the installment plan.  (Almost all of them are, these days, LOL.  )



Continue efforts at nap early enough to not interfere with night sleep.

Ask doctor to check vitamin D levels, and make every effort to get sunshine.

Maybe some of those bulbs that are “full spectrum”.

Limiting online connections (social networking like FaceBook) to mostly mornings and early afternoon, then do activities that are less relationship-intensive.

Praying husband finishes installation of woodstove soon; nothing says i have arrived “home” like the smell, sound, and sight of a wood fire.



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9 thoughts on “Altered Afternoon Relationships

  1. Hi Tru,

    Funnily enough, what you are describing were amongst the first things that made me suspect that something more serious that overwork was at play for me, and the reason behind me seeking medical advice. I try to avoid anything in the late afternoon, particularly anything requiring interaction with others, as I find myself very impatient and snappy both with them and myself. I tend to take my nanna-nap after lunch, whenever I can, but even then often struggle with fatigue late afternoon / early evening – unfortunately I perk up by mid-evening and then find it difficult to settle for the night, so am working hard at developing a better night-time routine. I think the break from social networking is a good and necessary thing, as it can become quite overwhelming at times, so do what you have to do for your own health. Take care of yourself. X

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  2. Hi Tru, thank you for sharing what i often have a hard time finding the words to explain. I sometimes start my day feeling it’s going to be a “goid” day, only to ceash and burn a few short hoyrs later. It feels like by the time afternion rolls around, i dont have, what i refer to as, “the mental energy” to stay optimistic, let alone smart, and that leads to other displays of negatvity. Thank you for keeping the battle in focus, and in front, and my wishes for better days for all of us!
    Mark Timmons

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  3. My love is in her 6th year of LBD and is now in total care. She is not doing as well as you. Hospital bed, wheel chair and recliner. Has few words to share. Says she loves me and smiles when I respond. Loves all of the caregivers and
    knows she is loved by them. We were childhood sweethearts and reconnected after 60 years. We had a couple years before she was overcome with dementia. We are keeping her home and will always do so. I have dedicated
    me life to her.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for writing, Bob. It is heart-warming that you two re-connected after so many years. We all progress at our own rate. It sounds like the support she gets from you and others eases her mind, and makes the days MUCH better. Thankful we were able to have my grandmother at home, and thankful you can have her at home.


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