My Craft Project this Week

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Tru here.  Photo is with my new crochet collar and cuffs (along with gift for grandson)

It was birthday for self and grandson so I have spent a week on things other than dementia advocacy.

Entertainment:  I watched more episodes from season two of the show “Person of Interest”.  Surprised that I can still appreciate the show.  So often addition of sub-plots create so much confusion I am unable to continue watching a show past the pilot.  This show has added confusion from flashbacks that interrupt and confuse my continuity of story line.  Usually I am NOT able to integrate the flashbacks in the “current” story, but can still re-gather the story line.  But now the flashbacks are becoming a problem in my enjoyment of the series (or maybe the sub-plots are becoming too intrusive).  Don’t know, but will probably enjoy watching season one many times over.

Family History:  Popped back in to my series of family trees on, and have lost how to do what I was doing.  If I don’t invest some time in that project soon, then I will lose ability to do it, so need to invest a month of time and membership fee hoping I can retrieve what I was doing.  Genetic history at has turned up a couple more good possibilities; wish I could remember what to do when the possibilities turn up.

Crafts:  My main project was to crochet a collar and set of cuffs for Autumn/Winter.  This is my 5th attempt at making cuffs — and this time I finally succeeded.  Coping mechanisms:  Keep simple instructional videos from youTube handy for when I forget how to do stitches.   Use only multiples of 3, 7, or 12 stitches, so if it looks like I have been doing only a few stitches then it must be 3, or if a lot then it is a multiple of 12.  Cannot keep track of which direction I am going when I get interrupted, so every time I change direction I move my “stitch marker” ( from ) to mark beginning of new row.  That technique successfully avoided my problem of doubling-back instead of finishing each row.

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Writing notes:  It is amazing to me that such a simple little blog piece could require so much time to put together. Three hours to write less than 20 sentences ! (Of course spent close to an hour trying to remember what to call those jump-back-in-time scenes in the show. Without some sort of search terms, finding an applicable set of words is difficult. I can spend a lot of time in trying to find my words. This week “sub-plot”, “flashbacks”, and “stitch-marker” were the problem terms.)

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