Crafts I Personally Use for Dementia Symptoms

Tru here.  ((Updated 2018 Mar 3))  Remember that any Links are not behind pictures, but in the colored text.

Definition of craft (kr ft) n. 1. Skill in doing or making something, as in the arts; proficiency.  As my introduction prefaced at  >>

I feel most “alive” when I am creating something, so these are some of my tools for feeling alive.

Traditional Styles of “Crafting”:

Craft with pens:  Due to Book “Yoga for your Brain: A Zentangle Workout” by Sandy Steen Bartholomew, I began “Doodle” craft, with sample above.  The procedure creates an almost-meditative state.

Craft with music:  My search for “Pentatonic” instrument, combined with my lifelong research into culture and languages of the ancient scriptures gave me the idea of masking two notes to create a Pentatonic scale on ancient Nevel harp.  Impromptu video (no script or organized “song”) at >>

2018 update: Now unable to tune the Lap harp, so gift of pentatonic drum.  Beginning at about 7min into presentation, i demonstrate a few notes of my “hapi” drum at >>

Craft with fabric:  Since eventually I will be unable to dress myself, and my husband will be dressing me, I have taken some necessary precautions (LOL).  My husband is very thoughtful, and is one of those rare and irreplaceable romantic men.  He is also extremely creative with woodwork … but … no human is perfect and he is careless with color; it is just not important in his world.  Since color is very important in my world I have limited my wardrobe to only things that can be worn together indiscriminately.  I wear black pant or skirt (gathered waist to enable easy pull-up), black or purple turtleneck, and then I sew decorative printed aprons, collars, and accessories (such as the fabric yo-yos worn in my hair, photo below) to be worn over them for interest & to protect from the spills that are inevitable when I eat.

Craft with yarn: cap, collar, cuffs, etc, meet my need for crafts of shorter time periods.  Altho it can take many tries to get one piece like collar above.  >>

Craft with words:  I write to discover what I think about a subject, what I feel about a subject, and what to do.  Consequently my lifetime has been filled with words.  This poster was created for Dementia Mentors in memory of my relationship with my maternal grandmothers and their dementia paths.

Non-Traditional Crafting or Creating:

Create with hair:  In my search for a way to style my hair so that it could be a longer length without added problems for my caregiver as this disease advances, I discovered this hairstyle.  Then I forgot a few times how to do it, so prepared this video >>

Create with food:  I do very little cooking.  Since I keep forgetting how to make coffee, and have difficulty counting ingredients for recipe without getting distracted and losing count, I can use one of those small coffeemakers with the pre-measured packets like you get at motel.  >>

Create with plants:  Since I have a “black thumb”, I won’t include any examples of this “craft”.  Next week I hope to have pictures from my friends, and a couple have excellent samples of the craft of creating an environment with plants.  >>


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