Fell Twice

Wed update (25th) is that i messed up: i guess i got a bit complacent.
i hugged the dog, he knocked into my head and i got a NEW ball of swelling on my brow.
… So i am off FaceBook for remainder of evening and back to cold compresses.
Really hoping this will not create need for me to sleep reclining again instead of laying down. uggggh !


Tru here.

I am usually able to catch myself when falling, but the past month or so my balance has felt more precarious so i have avoided some of my standard activities (like playing hide and seek with the dog in the yard).  But i fell twice last week.

Friday morning, i had an excuse because i was trying to herd a chicken off the ramp at back door — when i fell off the ramp.

Saturday morning still astounds me. Husband had everything prepared, and i had both knees on the bricks in front of wood stove to light the fire shortly before 5am.  Then i fell on edge of the wood stove.  i dont know how; it makes no sense — and NO i had not been drinking alcohol, LOL.


… so i got a quail-egg-size bump on my eyebrow.

i woke husband. He checked for concussion and stroke symptoms, then we got some rice bags from the freezer on my eye brow, but by 10am (5 hours later) the “eyeBrow” lump turned into a black eye that was swollen shut.

The eye looked so bad that we contacted an online video doctor and had a consultation that afternoon.  He said he had seen plenty of others with “this”, so i asked “what do you mean by “this”, and he clarified ” plenty of others who get drunk and fall”.  i tried to laugh and told him i have not been drunk since 1989.  … Obviously he did not believe me because he reiterated that i need to avoid the “A” words;  Alcohol, Aspirin, Advil, Aleve, (or any medication that contains aspirin, because aspirin thins the blood).  He said to sleep with my head elevated in a recliner or something instead of flat in a bed.  He said to rest and dont COUGH, dont move my head quickly, or do things that would cause blood pressure to go up.  Wants me to see eye doctor on Monday.

Now Monday morning, (Nov 23rd) and i can finally squint to see from eye.  Swelling is moving down to nose and jaw.  Very colorful Lady this week with deep purple especially on the eye lid itself.  (Much better than the black from yesterday.)



  • Keep rice bags in fridge to minimize swelling.  (But i also keep some not in fridge, for use in microwave).
  • Using bed-wedge to hold head at higher elevation than my heart.  My wedge is wonderful in two positions; sitting up in a slightly-reclined position, or laying down with a comfortable rise.
  • Husband has taken over responsibilities for chicken care, and i am not leaving the inside of the house.  Husband makes trips upstairs for anything stored in that area.
  • With my vision complications, we have clarified a system which makes it easier for me to find foods that are safe for ME to eat (Gluten-Free).  We put my special dietary foods in ROUND Twist-Top containers, which is different than the rectangles for general household foods.
  • With only one eye operating, i need more light in the house.
  • i am learning new strategies because guessing placement of corners, walls, etc, is much more difficult with only one eye functioning, and loss of depth perception.  Dog is staying in harness at all times, so he can help for balance.  When he is “on break” (potty and playtime) or “off duty” (after harness has been removed for bed) then i am using walker with tray.


If YOU are questioning balance changes or stability, you might want to check out CraigsList for a used walker to have handy.  Also grab a bed-wedge if you spot one.



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Fireplace Print Out@seekpng.com


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One thought on “Fell Twice

  1. Oh no Tru! That is quite the eye. I am so sorry that that happened to you. Sending prayers 🙏 and positive energy for a comfortable and speedy recovery. Hang in there! I love you! ❤️

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