To Honor Richard Taylor PhD

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Tru here. Have you ever noticed that all of my blogs now begin, “Tru here”?
There is a good reason for doing it that way, but I got the idea from Richard; at the time he was beginning all his blog entries with the phrase, “Richard here”.  Actually I only spoke personally with him a few times on concerns for blogging and options involved in public speaking, but each of those times was full of impact.

Hope to put out a special “Perspectives” NewsLetter in his honor within next couple days, including more of his blog items, but here are a few of my absolute favorites:

The Long Hello“,  ( at ) written 2012 May 16, begins:

“This is the message, the insight I leave to myself
and I share with you
for you to consider
and keep with you”


An excerpt from introduction of “What it’s Like“, written 2008 Aug 30, is:

Since the diagnosis my relationship with my spouse, my family, and my friends has broadened and in some ways deepened. We spend more time really being together as a family. We talk more, hug more, cry more, and laugh more. We now seem to do each of these activities more, harder, and longer.
We haven’t found THE right way or ways to live with and through this disease. We keep trying until we seem to get it approximately right, and then the disease morphs my symptoms in a new way, and we start all over again — trying to stay just one step behind the disease’s occasional bouts with loneliness, fear, and frustration.

( at )


And of course “I Had a Dream“, also written on 2008 Aug 30.  Short enough to be included here in its entirety:

Well, last night I had the strangest dream. I dreamed the leaders of the Alzheimer’s Associations, Researchers, Congressional Leaders, and a host of other professionals all sat down and agreed to sit around the table until they came to some consensus on how to lead this Nation through the greatest public health crisis of the first half of the 21st century.
I knew it was a dream because also seated around the table were many, many people living with one or more of the various forms of dementia. Jointly they agreed to the following:
The first priority for investing limited public funds in the battle against dementia is: people with the disease, caregivers, families, research into their psycho social problems, funding caregiver support services,
Then research into finding a cure for the disease, research into finding ways to delay the progression of the disease –
Let’s ALL talk about this before we rush off in this direction or another! Please, please, please!
Richard  (at

   *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Richard’s thoughts and actions had a big impact on our community, and I suspect that impact will continue to grow from his thoughts documented in text and video.  He left books (such as “Alzheimer’s from the Inside Out“), blogs and articles, videos, etc.  His website is but blogs cannot be accessed from there.  I found blog access thru “tags” at .  There are a few videos at .

   *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Pages to honor Richard:

Ken Clasper wrote at  An excerpt is:

“He was a true hero to many as he had shown what could be done after the diagnosis, but he was also a genuinely friendly man, who was down to earth and very modest.”

Mick Carmody described Richard as,

“The GODFATHER  of advocacy of human rights for us all”, …
“Each time I speak in public you will forever in my thoughts.”

(above excerpted from

Michael Ellenbogen wrote about Richard, excerpted below:

“There is no single dementia advocate that has done as much for this cause then Richard.  …  He gave 10 Years of his for all of us. That is a very heavy price to pay when you know that is all you have left.  …  My dear friend I know that were ever you are now you will start a new mission to make it better for others. I will miss you so much but will continue to do what we must do. I will so miss our disagreements and laugh’s together.”

excerpts from;

Harry Urban’s remarks begin with some of the things he learned from Richard:

Stay true to yourself …
don’t get caught in the headlights of fame.
Remember who you are and …
leave a mark for others living this disease.

excerpted from;

David Kramer wrote about mentorship from Richard at; small excerpt is:

“He led by example. …
   He spoke with elegance,
he educated without teaching.
His stories were poignant and moving.  …

He gave so much to so many.”

    *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Richard is also honored by some friends of the dementia community:

ADI (Alzheimer’s Disease International) posted “In Memory of Richard” at

Shibley Rahman PhD, author and friend of the dementia community wrote Richard would say, “I want to think how I am to live with dementia, not to die from dementia.” (at

Lori La Bey, founder of Alzheimers Speaks, calls Richard “… a trailer blazer in the world of dementia.  Known around the world for his honest and pressing insights.” (excerpted from her page honoring him at

Teepa Snow, Positive Approach to Brain Change advocate, said “Richard has indeed lived with purpose and helped others do the same. He was an early adopter of the massive culture change that must happen as more of us learn to live with the changes in brains that come with various forms of dementia. He used every gift he was given and grew some he never thought he had… He will be greatly missed and always admired, loved, and respected.”

Dr. Allen Power, Geriatrician and Eden Alternative mentor, wrote at  An excerpt from his article is below:

At one point, I asked him, “What is the main point you would like people to know about dementia at this time?” He responded by talking about recognizing the “human-ness” in people, and then made this remarkable statement:

“I believe that as people progress with dementia, their humanity increases.
People have to get ready for that humanity to be unleashed.”

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5 thoughts on “To Honor Richard Taylor PhD

  1. I’ve finally learned to accept what is the now. My mother is towards the end of her journey now.
    I do wish I had learned sooner, but I’m glad I know what I know, now.
    I hope we can help each other with acceptance, comfort and quality of life.

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