Fragrance Craft and my “Nose”

I realize my “nose” is going away, but newest loss is emphasized these past two weeks in my fragrance craft. Discovered I have COMPLETELY lost the receptor for scent of sandalwood.

Smell Hallucinations and Dementia

Like many other dementia symptoms, I think smell hallucinations can be a tremendous distraction to thought; whether productive conversation or other types of thought. Another aspect of concern is safety. When I smell “burning” several times per day, I automatically discount my sensory credibility. If something was truly burning, I would not know it unless I noticed smoke, heat, or fire.

Nightmares and Hallucinations of My Friends

  Nightmares of Harry Urban We talk a lot about what our life is like during the day time hours.  It is hard and sometimes frightening.  We struggle and get so confused.  Have you ever thought what our nights are like when you are sleeping? That is when we walk through our Hell, all alone.  […]