Fragrance Craft and my “Nose”


Tru here.  Two years ago today, I wrote about “Arts ‘n Crafts with Dementia Symptoms”, so today’s topic is kind-of apropos.  Yes; I am still active in craft work, but, like with everything else, it requires constant changes and new work-arounds, due to progression of symptoms.

I realize my “nose” is going away, but newest loss is emphasized these past two weeks in my fragrance craft.

Discovered I have COMPLETELY lost the receptor for scent of sandalwood.  Just smells like nothing.  Rarely smelled “nothing” before — except when receptor goes out.  No scent at all!  When I opened the bag of spoiled meat, could not even smell the plastic from plastic bag — but the fumes practically knocked my sister over and she told me I needed to talk to doctor about it.  I really don’t mind losing the scent of spoiled meat, but losing scents for various essential oils for my own fragrance ?!  … ugggh!  Sandalwood, and I forget what else, but another bottle had absolutely no scent also; nothing — not even the plastic from stopper.  …  UGGGH !!!

…  *  …

For many years, I have combined essential oils to make fragrances for self and family (then added them to personal items like deodorant spray, shampoo, lotion, etc).  The last batch that I made for myself just ran out, and my previous bottle of aged patchouli oil had run out, so I opened my “new” bottle, which I had now aged 13 years.  Should have been wondrously woody and deep … but it was eight ounces of DISAPPOINTMENT.  The vendor has now gone out of business, and maybe this was inferior product; using leaves lower on the plant, or not taking the needed time to properly dry the leaves, because the patchouli never developed that deep amber buttery bass that I associate with aged patchouli.  It just smells like a floral (no deep sexy woods).  Of course this is much better than fresh patchouli, which I hate, but definitely not the base scent for my usual fragrance (( sad face )).  And I do not have more than 10 years to age more patchouli from a different vendor, so that’s the way it goes.  If I still had receptors for sandalwood then maybe I would increase sandalwood to compensate.  Instead I suppose I will delete sandalwood from my fragrance, and increase the vanilla beans.  Could also increase synthetic dark musk as compensation.  It will not be the same as usual … but then neither am I, so maybe it’s time for change.  Since I am losing the deep sexy note from patchouli, along with the woody note from sandalwood, decided to switch lighter and try synthetic baby powder note instead.  With my balance complications, I am no longer rappelling alongside waterfalls or rafting thru the rivers, LOL !


“Tru” 2016 fragrance:

Essential oils by priority amount: Rose, Patchouli (aged >10yrs), Lavender, (teeny tiny bit of: YlangYlang, Orange, and Lemon) then add aged Frankincense.

Waiting for Oakmoss I ordered (altho new restrictions make oakmoss absolute more precious, and must be at low concentration for use on skin).  Have never used it but great anticipation, especially since my patchouli fell thru and Sandalwood not really an option.  Roman chamomile is another that does not age well, so cannot keep on hand, but if I can find some that does not cost an arm and a leg, would like to add a few drops of that also.

Add synthetics: Dark Musk, Baby Powder and seasonal (Autumn/Winter= apple, cranberry, and gingerbread), (Spring/Summer= raspberry, blackBerry, and coconut).

Add Vanilla Beans split lengthwise into bottle while it “blends” for six weeks.

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4 thoughts on “Fragrance Craft and my “Nose”

  1. Paulan Gordon: I think you do a wonderful job of accepting that your smell utility is no longer as good as it used to be, but yet you take the time to figure out the best ways to accommodate your skills. Congrats to you.


  2. True, I understand how important your sense of smell is. I’m sorry it’s gone now.
    I didn’t realize how much it affected my mom as well. Not smelling things burning etc.

    I’m so very impressed by how you are able to explain to all of us, what is going on in your world.
    Sending you lot’s of love and encouragement.


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