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Tru here.

Sometimes i hear complaints from members of families, that their loved one is not taking proper care of self.  Well …

Recently discovered that i have lost the smell sensor for body odor
(not completely a bad thing, if in public much, LOL).
But when combined with memory problems, can cause complications with self-care.


Now, when i go to bed, on my pillow i see 5×7 pictures reminding me to set out deodorant & teeth supplies, set out early-morning meds, put portable phone on charger, & turn on night-Lights. Before i put my head on the pillow i can carry the 5×7 pictures around to keep my tasks in mind, then set the clamped pictures in the top of my sock drawer before i go to bed.  In the morning, when i get my socks, the 5×7 clamped pictures get set on my pillow.

Every person living with dementia symptoms is different in placement of swiss-cheeze holes for mental processing.  For me, visual processing is still best way to process information (such as InfoGraphics).  So picture of placement for deodorant & toothbrush much more likely to get complete understanding than just words on a list.  For someone with low visual processing, another strategy might be better.  This information can be found in neuro-psych scores.

With deodorant and toothbrush out on countertop, i am much less likely to forget to use them.

PS: also lost smell sensor for flatulence but … oh well, LOL  😀

Not first smell sensor lost >>


Comment from my dementia friend Karen Creekmore on 07Dec2022:
I can relate to brushing teeth several times, etc!
(I live alone, so probably not useful to some).
*What’s works for me(for now):
*Part of my PM routine is placing all items needed on bathroom counter for AM routine(toothbrush/paste, deodorant, eye drops, lotion, ect).
*As I use each item, I put
them back up.
I’m sure you(we)will continue
adjusting to our ‘new normals!🙏🏼 🤗 🦋 💞 🙏
— Karen Creekmore on 07Dec2022 (with permission).

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4 thoughts on “Sensor4 Body Odor

  1. my sense of smell has been compromised since I had mono 20 years ago. I have no idea about body order but the real concern is that I eat a lot of raw garlic. and of course have no idea about my breath or body odor.
    I liked your picture!

    btw I wonder if you practice meditation.

    kind regards,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello David. Tru here.
      Did not recognize your name when you wrote last month, … or this time. i think you came to blogpage from FaceBook, so the “address” it shows for you is different than just your email. But husband suggested i check my matrix. Seeing your name & info in the chart … THEN i remembered who you are.
      Have tried to connect on FaceBook, so please accept “friend” status. It is on top of page, with picture icon of two people, probably white font. Mine might be down a ways in your listing of “friend” requests.
      FaceBook messenger will allow us to chat with text.

      Yes, i practice meditation and prayer.


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