Doctors Sharing Dementia Diagnosis

Tru here.

May 31 is “anniversary” date for celebrating my 3-yr FaceBook friendship with Reinhard Guss, Dementia Lead for British Psychoological Society (BPS), and co-chair of UK Dementia Action Alliance (DAA).  Excellent timing for sharing what follows.

So VERY pleased to see the new booklet he and team have put together on topic of doctors sharing dementia diagnosis.

Truthfully, unable to understand most of the booket, but ever-so-pleased to see cover by  personliving with dementia, and italicized comments scattered throughout, from first-person perspective of those living with dementia.

Tremendously encouraged when i see a professional document
with input from Experts by Lived Experience !!!
Considering authors and input, 
am confident this document is tip-top excellent.

Link for this booklet is currently top left picture at this Link >> .
At this time, membership is not needed to access document.  Suggest right-click on photo of 37-page pdf, then select “open in new tab”.  This allows you to return to originalwebpage if so desired.

“… Sharing a life-altering diagnosis is inevitably difficult for the person with dementia and the family, so communicating the diagnosis well is very important. …” – excerpt from booklet.



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