Hallucinations and Forgetting

Tru here.  For 50 years, my senses gave me accurate indications of my environment.  They were very helpful tools.

Then sound hallucinations began almost ten years ago.  Slowly smell and sight hallucinations were added as symptoms during next five or six years.  But until May 2017, i always remembered the possibility that what i was experiencing may possibly be hallucination — so not really as much cause for concern.

Newest development is that i forget hallucinations are a potential problem for me.  Therefore, whatever sensory experience i am having … is totally REAL.  Before, even knowing it was probably an hallucination did not change reality of event.  It is not like sitting in a movie theatre watching an experience.  It is the experience itself.  But this new change is huge.

Beginning last week, with sight hallucination of big bugs on floor, then this morning with 3 hours of smell hallucinations, i did not remember possibility that these experiences could be hallucinations.

Didn’t remember i had any cognitive problems at all.

Husband needed to remind me.  … After he checked the house, he suggested it might be an hallucination.

ugggh !!  Of course; how could i forget THAT ?

I am beginning to have times that i do not remember the need for cognitive strategies
— because 
i do not remember that i have any dementia symptoms. 

This is a huge change in perspective, and change in strategies that will be successful.
Also, if i don’t remember i have dementia symptoms.
then there is no need to share that lived experience for education of others.
Not tomorrow or next month, hopefully not even this year …

… but this marks the beginning of the end for my blog.

That window has begun to close.  So, continuing that thought, what can i do NOW to maximize usefulness of my own blog, and the blogs of my friends, for when i am no longer aware of the dementia issues?  When it is no longer my own responsibility ?  What can i put in place NOW, for continued public access after i am no longer able to advocate ?

any ideas ??

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7 thoughts on “Hallucinations and Forgetting

  1. Tru, you have amazed me through out your journey. I can understand how disturbing it is for you. You’re still aware of what’s going on as a whole. Being aware after being reminded (from your husband) must be bitter sweet. You have had my admiration from the first time I read your words. You will always have my admiration.

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  2. I think sharing your symptoms as you have above gives others comfort when they experience the same feelings. I think the best thing any of us who have been going down this road for a long time now can do is prepare others to take our places as mentors and dementia advocates. You do this splendidly.

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  3. Tell us what brings you pleasure, the happy moments each day … write them here?
    This will help me so much as caregiver for my dad. What makes you laugh? what feels good?
    Thank you for sharing!!

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